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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Snapped the other day at the bottom of the escalator.

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That's good. We can all sleep easier can't we Hugh.

Before commenting, I did a 'next comment in sealed envelope' thought experiment. Direction of comment - tick. Commentator - tick.

That particular poster design is shown in images by people celebrating Pride 2019, so Manor House's example was likely printed and paid for pre-pandemic. The creased state of the Manor House example also backs up a 'recycled, not reprinted' assessment.

See my comment above, Gordon. I’ve linked to an example from summer 2020. Can you link to the 2019 examples you found?

Here’s a Tweet about the poster from 2019

The very one! Thank you, Michael.

Thank you. I thought it was a 2019 or older campaign, but the oldest tweet I could find was 2020. 

It's a good thing in my opinion. Doesn't cost much and makes people feel a bit more comfortable and accepted.

With the rise in anti-semitism it would be nice to see TFL do something similar for the Jewish community too. Manor House is the local tube stop for people living in Stamford Hill and they sometimes get targeted because of their religion.

That is a good point.



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