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Snapped the other day at the bottom of the escalator.

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Colour-checking the Northern, Bakerloo, Central, Overground, Circle, District, Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines from the Tube Map, too.

It is a lovely sentiment but is it core business for the underground? The organisation is losing so much revenue due to corona virus and probably shouldn't be spending money on things like this.

Think a little harder, Stav.

It's not there as a simple platitude. It does at least two things. One which generates income, and one which reduces costs. It establishes that the tube network has a policy of tolerance, thereby encouraging customers who might otherwise be apprehensive, and discouraging those who might otherwise display their intolerance. A few more users and a few less hate crimes would soon cover the paltry costs of the campaign. 

I think it's well established that we live in one of the most tolerant cities in the world. Anyone apprehensive about using the tube isn't going to be persuaded otherwise by a pretty poster. Likewise anyone likely to give people a hard time are unlikely to be type easily swayed to behave by subtle cues.

Be careful, Hugh, in taking figures out of context.

I would suggest that reported anti-gay hate crime has trebled.

This could be because people feel freer to report anti-gay hate crime without fear of repercussion. This is, of course, a good thing.

This could be because the perception of what a hate crime is has widened. In the past, to refer to someone as a " poof " or a " batty boy " might have been seen as unpleasant but hardly a crime. Now it is.

I think we're much more tolerant than we used to be.

I’m always careful with statistics, John.

My own personal sense doesn’t suggest any lowering of a feeling of freedom from repercussion in the three years leading up to 2020. I’d have thought that happened at least ten or probably twenty or more years before. May I ask what makes you think that those three years were so telling in the way you suggest. 

I think those three years saw a significant easing of prejudice in the general population, and an increase in reporting in many areas , not just homophobia. To what do you attribute the surge in homophobia over the past three years.  Please don't blame Boris :-)

( your own personal sense is not a statistic, of course. )

I have no data to base an opinion on, but my sense is that the effect of Trumpian-style government does seem to have been divisive and to have unleashed the sense in some groups that they should “stand up for what’s right”. All too often this has meant a return to the visibility of very conservative views. Of course, we saw it at its most evident and extreme in the US. 

But it might give those experiencing it the confidence to report it to staff.

Toleration is an unpleasant word.  Imagine if some said to you that the were tolerant of black people or women.

Most people would agree that tolerance of others is a good thing.



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