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It took approx 10 attempts, and probably an hour and half on the computer total, to apply for more visitor permits,. The first time, my plumber had come and gone, having fixed my boiler, whilst I was still trying to get permit for him. The next time I could face trying, it took my money, but still didn’t issue any tickets

i emailed their customer service to complain, only for them to reply, once I had finally managed to access some tickets, that I seemed to have sorted the problem,  end of

 what a scam, quick to take your money though. What a totally rubbish service. Don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have time to waste so so long on a broken system 

btw, does anyone know if you can still apply for paper visitor permits, as I really face this 

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i agree it is AWFUL!!

I’ve had builders all week, and never know when they will turn up, so usually trying to activate tickets first thing in the morning, as is half of Haringay, so the system keeps crashing. Whilst the parking lords are walking up and down applying parking tickets on vehicles. Many of us on the computer, still trying to get tickets or activate them

i think I’m going to complain to David Lammy as it is shameful. As if life wasn’t stressful enough, 

Don’t complain directly to D Lammy. It isn’t ‘his remit’ as the local MP and he will usually reply saying this.

You NEED to make your feelings known to the local councillors and Haringey exec cabinet member in charge of parking. 

2022 is a local election year Have you noticed them canvassing in your ward yet? They have started in mine! 

Make it known to your councillors that you intend to ensure that this matter becomes an election issue, which it should be as the systems sucks, and that you WILL be encouraging voters to NOT vote for the Labour Party. Then you may need to act on those ‘threats’ as unfortunately they have been a shoe in for many years and local services reflect this fact. Unless they really feel any pressure it will not change.

And I am generally a Lefty - I have no time for the Tories! Even more so now with the Pied Piper PM in charge along with his bunch of cronies in charge!

At least in the past we could just use one of paper permits, until the changed the rules and wouldn’t replace out of date ones, they had sold. So I binned about 40

but yes lots of good suggestions, thanks

I had the same problem last week - I was able to access the site but every time I tried to pay there was a 'problem'.  After numerous attempts all day was finally able to pay in the evening.  Like you they replied to my emails and tweets after I had managed to pay by saying that it was sorted.  They also implied that I was probably new to the system and didn't know what I was doing (despite it being clear from my account that I had been getting permits for my decorators since November).

Isn't it terrible?!? Was talking about it with my landlady just today.

One word of advice - the payment site doesn't work on any browser other than Microsoft Edge. Yes, I know. I lost count of how long I spent trying to sign up to the damn site before I thought about trying another browser than Chrome. "Surely not," I thought, "this is 2022 not 2002!"




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