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Camden council has been running a survey on whether the current cycle-friendly segregated road layout on Tavistock Place should be retained or reverted to the pre-trial layout.

Current layout (June 2016):

before (Nov 2015):

(Photos taken from google street views)

I realise this isn't exactly Harringay or even Haringey local, the connection for me is that I bought myself a second-hand bike to use while Wightman Road was safely filtered during the bridgeworks, and was brave enough to venture into Central London a couple of times for business meetings. I was impressed by the number of measures that TfL and local councils have been introducing in recent years to make roads safer for existing cyclists and encourage new cyclists onto the roads, and it would be a tragedy if these measures start getting reversed.

There's a link to Camden's survey and more info on this page, apparently the survey closes tomorrow (Friday 21st Oct).

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Good shout. I live on the ladder and use this stretch on my commute to work by bike. I used to go along the euston road until i came across this. Hats off to london cycling campaign for fighting the cycling corner.

I've already commented on the Camden page. Unsurprisingly taxi drivers are dead set against this (it's one of the major rat runs to avoid Euston Road) so are trying to drum up opposition to the scheme being maintained.



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