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Any idea what the best tactical voting strategy is in the Euro elections this month?

I've heard if people vote for a single Remain party rather than split the Remain vote across various parties we stand a better chance in the Euros.

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Why the assumption that everyone wants to remain in the EU. No tactical voting needed. Vote Gerard Batten in London. If you're in the South West Carl Benjamin is an excellent candidate and in the North West vote for Tommy Robinson.

Has someone just farted? 

Because Carl Benjamin thinks it’s OK to joke about raping Jess Philips MP, Tommy Robinson is a convicted criminal and was appointed as an advisor by Gerald Batten.  They may be some of the reasons for not voting for them.

Benjamin's been milkshaked! I've used the link to the current bun to ensure no left wing conspiracy nonsense... Twats the 3 of them. 

You are supporting the UKIP party? 

UKIP- "a vehicle of hate towards Muslims and the gay community", UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge (recently left UKIP.)

UKIP- "widely perceived as both homophobic and anti-Islamic", UKIP MEP William Dartmouth (recently left UKIP.)

Three further UKIP MEPs have also recently left UKIP - Jane Collins MEP, Jill Seymour MEP and Margot Parker MEP- because Gerard Batten, Leader of UKIP (who you recommend) said that Carl Benjamins rape comments are "satire".

Of the 24 UKIP MEPs elected in the last European Parliament elections in 2014 only 4 remain in UKIP!

Why do you continue to call so called "Tommy Robinson" that? The convicted fraudster is called Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or is that name not English enough.

re Yaxley-Lennon "I believe he is entirely unsuitable to be involved in any political party.The fact is his entourage includes violent criminals and ex-BNP members...next to Robinson is a man called Daniel Thomas, a convicted armed kidnapper...I am leaving UKIP today". Nigel Farage MEP.

Recommendations to vote for fraudsters, liars, thugs, racists, homophobes, and misogynists, and more.

You've just  highlighted why she's voting UKIP. 

Oh Janice, no.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon humiliated as he looses £5,000 deposit. UKIP, including Gerard Batten and Carl Benjamin, loose all seats.

Delighted to see these illiterate racist chancers vanish from the electoral map. Hopefully for good.

Don't we both know that none of these people will "vanish"?

And aren't spokespeople from all parties currently spinning their own candidates' results? 

I dimly remember old news reports of various end-of-the-world groups, gathering on some mountain top. Whose leaders were explaining why they weren't actually wrong but simply needed to redo their calculations and reinterpret the omens.

I think it's good that these names pop up from time to time, just to remind us who these people are, and what they stand for.



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