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Any idea what the best tactical voting strategy is in the Euro elections this month?

I've heard if people vote for a single Remain party rather than split the Remain vote across various parties we stand a better chance in the Euros.

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Gina Miller has set up a web site. 

They are going to keep it up-to-date as voting day approaches.



yes it's not much use at the moment 

Remain Voter has maps on present projected voting and will be posting information on tactical voting area by area.


Thanks for this

Really helpful thanks

Just to add, that although Gina Miller's website is helpful and well-meaning, this Guardian guide below highlighted the fact that if England did indeed vote Lib Dem, it would wipe out the Greens entirely. This might not be of concern to some, but for myself, it's a major concern not to have Greens represented.


I'll be voting Green - hard to forget it was the LibDems that helped get us into this mess, jumping into bed with the Tories in 2010 and leaving the door open for a Tory gvt.  

Not inspired to vote for parties who cannot get their own act together to work as a united front. If they fail to make any headway it will be as a result of petty rivalry instead of being committed to the bigger picture.

Which particular united front have you in mind, Brian B? Isn't there a rather larger "bigger picture" than Brexit?

The future of the planet, perhaps?  Aren't we are facing a climate crisis? Isn't that a bigger threat to our future? Where all the ideals of liberalism, socialism, solidarity, equity, and freedom become distant dreams some people once had?

If the UK does end up remaining in the EU (probably around 30% chance), these UK MEPs will be voting on many important policies and laws, and Green and Liberal MEPs (for example) do not always vote the same way.

We currently don't know what political group Change MEPs would join - for example, if it's the main centre-right EPP then this group tends to be less keen on environmental action vs MEPs in the Liberal, Socialist (Labour) or Green groups.

I'm a bit confused as to whether we are voting for individuals or for parties - there are multiple candidates for London for each party, so if you strongly favour a particular party do you have to choose the candidates or just tick one box?

You vote for parties and each party ranks candidates in order of their preference for who gets the seat(s). Handy guide below




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