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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

......I assume.

Next to Snug Cafe.

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Typical! Another grilled meat and flatbread joint on the green lanes! When will we get some diversity?! 

Bit harsh to pre-judge before even seeing the menu!

It's not a Turkish and (fingers crossed) it could be a Chipotle type establishment

Give it a chance. 

I think it may have been an attempt at a joke


The pre-covid discussion here .

Don't expect a taqueria,

Was a shame that the last almost intact shop front on Green Lanes was destroyed to make way for this. Spent Council Regeneration (our) money trying to lift the area a few years and shop owners do their best to destroy any remaining character.

Glad I posted this then!

Shaking my head.  Some people eh.  Sometimes I lose the will to live.  

this is on some hoardings up on the Fountain pub on West Green Road. Be interesting to see if we get Mexican food alongside the Japanese food already there.

The Salisbury was serving up Mexican (including takeaway) by these guys I think too

Yes and it’s very good indeed. 

I had a Totopos takeaway (delivery) at some point this year.  It wasn't terrible but certainly not good enough for me to want to repeat the experience.



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