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The place next to Snug is being redone. Workers there say it will be a Mexican taco place, opening in a couple of months time.

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Is there? What's it called?


It's actually very good.

The place next to the Snug used to be a Turkish butcher, then became a Turkish cafe and social club for old men playing cards. I walked past it yesterday and there was no evidence of development. I don't know what Irwin or Irvin has to do with it. As soon as someone can give us some real information please let us know. I'd die for a good Mexican.


A short history of the premises just published here.

Do you mean Irvin? It's actually really good. 

Completely disagree. Irwin is extremely good. The combination of those cultures works very well in this instance.

Irvin is honestly the best restaurant I've been to in this general area. Don't knock it until you try it!

Sounds god to me.

A Mexican would be welcome around here! Anything other than yet another Turkish place. Will definitely give it a go

Looks like it will be pretty far from a taqueria. According to the architect it’s definitely going to be a ‘french taco’ place and the interior proposals look quite slick: https://www.iguana-architects.com/copy-of-the-royal-oak-lounge-2

And if you wondered what a french taco might be just so a bit of googling - looks like a grilled wrap. Anyways some Variety is always welcome and hopefully this will be good!

Indeed, French tacos are a long way from the Mexican version, if indeed this place is going to be like the current wave of "French tacos". Think of a less healthy version of kebab and you'd be on the right track.   See this Guardian article about O'Tacos, the leading French taco producer:




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