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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Drove through Green Lanes and Wood Green High Road tonight

Can not believe how Council has allowed tables and chairs outside others Stored 

Enforcement Failure of Council turning a blind eye ? 

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I think that as this is the only way that restaurants can serve seated customers at the moment. It’s a case of being less stringent rather than turning a blind eye.

Jesus. This website is a depressing read sometimes. So you’re annoyed that businesses who haven’t been able to open for the majority of the year and on their knees trying to survive are using some of the pavements for customers? 

Good for them! No problem with this at all, can't wait for a full re-opening tbh. 

I am not against anyone making a legal living

But obstructing already narrow pavements with Tables and Chairs is Not the Answer

Bet the food has a good Fuel Taste as traffic crawls past them

So much for Labours Cry's that Haringey is a poor Area. When so many are able to eat Out

I haven’t seen anyone struggle to walk by any of the restaurants that have tables outside. 

I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time replying to this. Bye 

It's quite difficult for many people with disabilities but we don't really matter do we...

Is there a particular business that is blocking the pavement?  You can report it to the enforcement team

ASB Enforcement Officers / Highways Inspectors / Waste Monitoring

For all enquiries contact:

I've not noticed anything to worry about.

Last year the government brought in a new form of very cheap fast track licence to encourage food and drink to be traded outside. They last until Sept this year but might be extended another year. If the pavement is blocked then report it, however I haven't noticed any on Green Lanes. 

I was in Chinatown the other day. They've taken full advantage of this. The street is now packed with tables on both sides. I can see councils being tempted to extend this long-term where it's feasible. 

Old Compton Street have done the same. It looks good. One big team.

As long as they don't block wheelchair accessibility, I don't mind too much. 



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