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Susan Hill talks about the value of street trees in cities

"…London or other city streets - Oxford and Norwich are good examples - lined with wonderful mature trees and wonder about that, because the Victorians planted these and they are almost past their sell-by dates. Councils are forever closing roads to take down dangerous trees, but when they are all gone, how altered will our urban street landscapes be. Trees are green lungs for cities and shelter for birds and insect life. And beautiful. How many children never go near the country, but walk to school past trees that are bare, then in bud, in leaf, thick and heavily green through the summer holidays, but, as the new school year starts, begin to turn and then fall conkers. Ash keys. These trees could be their introduction to the natural cycle, but if we don't plant more - and I see no evidence that we are doing so -the streets will be bleak."

Warham Road, March 2023

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I don't know about Haringey, but where I live in Waltham Forest, whenever an old street tree is removed, a new one is planted in its place.



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