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Hi all

I need to find a surveyor for a party wall agreement (for a loft conversion).  Does anyone have any recommendations?



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I'd be interested in any recommendations as well, ours is because we may be over the permitted allowance due to previous kitchen extension. Anyone have experience of navigating Haringay council with regards to this?
Thanks Mavic

Hi Mavic, 

Sounds like you need planning permission, so an architect rather than a party wall surveyor.
I recommend Jack Dusek, he's good.

Once you have planning in place, then you'll need a party wall surveyor
Give Mr Party wall or watson woods a call


As you will see when googling, the company 'Mr party wall' has one of the best reputations around, offering the same fixed fees to all and a nationwide service.

Watson woods are also good.

Surveyors write there own fees into an award so always read reviews etc. If a company doesn't have any reviews, they either don't allow it or they've reset their profile.

If it's just party wall agreements then do it yourself. Easy to do, loads of help online and saves you thousands!!

I've already done the paperwork, but unfortunately one one side they've requested the full works (surveyor and all) but thanks for the suggestion! C

Ah!! Oh dear! Best of luck with that!

Hi Caitlin, we had a similar scenario, however both neighbours requested a surveyor to Act on their behalf. One neighbour agreed to an agreed surveyor and the other did not. We appointed a local surveyor who came recommended, very approachable and knowledgeable with a lot of construction and Building Surveying experience and in highnsight very good value for money (considering the cost of my neighbours surveyor, which our surveyor challenged and had reduced!).

I also tried to do it myself, you can indeed serve notice ( tell your neighbour of the proposed work) but cannot appointment yourself becuase of the inherant bias ( and lack of technical or legal knowledge lol). 

I've always been a fan of local and recommended. Our neighbours expensive chartered surveyor (£200ph) was non existent all correspondence was leveraged through junior staff who attended to carry out an inspection with nothing but a grin and hand in pocket lol, at least use a camera or something!!!

Go local go recommended. His name wasTarquin happy to pass on contact number (if site allows) they have a website www.tksurveyinggroup.co.uk which is where we submitted our plans. 

Good luck either way, building work is always stressful (but worth it in the end )

Thanks for the tips Anthony and W Bromley, always prefer to use recommendations where possible



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