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If anyone is venturing out...

I went to go to Sainsbury at the Arena around noon and the queues outside were considerable.

On the other hand, Iceland on Green Lanes and Sainsbury / Lidl in Wood Green were pretty normal.

Baldwins had a 3-4 people queuing and of Yasar seemed fine too albeit with a small queue for the bakery.

Maybe Arena Sainsbury will calm over the coming days or I just caught a bad moment but that's how it was this morning.

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I thought I'd get a delivery of heavy basics and found that of course it was too late in the day for most supermarket deliveries however good old Iceland had spaces free and were very efficient.

What were stocks levels like? We went first thing, expecting queues, but found none. Stocks on some lines were already getting very low / exhausted.  

The smaller Hornsey Sainsbury's had no queues this afternoon but had a few empty shelves -mainly chicken and duck. Round the block queues at Muswell Hill M&S and don't even think of going to a post office.

If you need a post office head to the one at Woodberry Down, never seen a Q when I have driven past. 

No queues at the Green Lanes Post Office this morning, I was pleasantly surprised.

I did the same as you, and then went back around 3pm - the queue was as long but moved quickly and I soon got in. It was stressful within, but there was stock of the majority of items. Fresh meat struggling a bit...

Sainsbury's Arena at 10 pm - very few customers. Good time to go.

Moorgate M&S on the way back from an appointment at Barts Hospital this morning - me and 4 other people 

Sainsbury’s at the arena on Sunday morning was horrendous- they weren’t limiting people going in so it was really busy and felt unsafe. 


What happened to the staggered delivery costs? Before and during the first lockdown they were cheaper at the start of the week than at the end. Now they're all one price.



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