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The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people are in for a big surprise. If you live in Stroud Green, you may find you are no longer part of Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, but Instead are part of Tottenham.

So why are we talking about it right now?

Because now you can still do something about it, by responding to the Boundary Commission consultation, in 3 simple steps,  by the 5th of December 2011 (Links at the bottom)

But before you do, take a quick look at what is happening and what rules the Boundary Commission will follow when considering representations from the public.

Watch a short video explaining it 




https://www.youtube.com/GreenN8TV where we talked to Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and Stroud Green Councillors Katherine Reece and Richard Wilson and discuss what would be the implications of such a change for local residents. We also asked people living in Stroud Green ward how they feel about the proposed change.

We also asked David Lammy MP for Tottenham, for his views and comments, but sadly have not heard back from him to this day. Is this a sign of things to come if the unthinkable happen?

For more info on how to respond to the consultation go to http://www.greenn8.org


Anyone interested in this topic

SGRA has organised a public meeting

Harringay Stroud Green Library

7:00 this evening.

you are all invited!

They have been trying hard with not a lot of success to find someone from the labour group to come and participate in the debate... The official line the labour group is putting out, is that this is not a political issue...


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So it's "unthinkable" that you should be joined to those of us who live on the wrong side of the tracks? Why are you posting this on our Harringay forum?

Because there are many Haringey online members who live in Stroud Green and they might like to know it is happening.

Maybe the fact that there are many people from Stroud Green on Haringey online is an indication they DO NOT consider Harringay to be a different side of the tracks?

A picture speaks a thousand words

A map of Harringay online members location


This looks like excellent visual evidence that the iron curtain of the railway line might only exist in the minds of a few residents in Stroud Green. Plenty of Stroud Greeners and Crouch Enders seem happy to mix it with folk on the other side of the tracks.

There is only one "H" per street, the map is bogus. My street is full of apathetic HoL members for instance, yet only one H.

And no members on Lothair South. I know of one for certain.

I just added a single marker for Lothair, but happy to correct if that offends.

It's not 'bogus' John. As it says above the map: "The map below shows the streets where Harringay Online currently has members". It shows the geographic spread of membership, not its density. Of course if you're volunteering to add a marker each time someone joins.............

Hugh, I think you need to make it clearer that it just shows streets with members, it's not a "Member map". Otherwise unscrupulous people like GN8 will use it as they have.


Have you seen this?

I have seen it, thanks.

Maybe the fact that there are many people from Stroud Green on Haringey online is an indication they DO NOT consider Harringay to be a different side of the tracks?


Precisely, GN8 - they don't. Pity you didn't get more Stroud Green harringayonliners on your video. Their views or arguments would have been much more balanced, not so splittist or partitionist or downright sniffy and anti-Tottenhamist as the lot you corralled. Featherstone's "No offence to Tottenham" afterthought does not gainsay all the rest of it - though of course her presence in the video may have more to do with a certain anti-Tory tokenism in her own party and personal interest.

That is a great idea - Why don't you do it?  and put it as a video comment!

To your other points - You can twist it any way you like, the fact remains I made every effort to reach Lammy the minute I knew Lynne agreed to take part FOR THE SAKE OF BALANCE! What can I say, I am still waiting to hear back.(Stanton is my witness!)

As I said before I am afraid that his lack of interest, reenforced people's instinct that if the change indeed is approved, their issues will always pale in comparison and they will never be truly represented! 



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