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A street light near me has been off for some time. My neighbour originally spotted it and reported it over 3 weeks ago. I have reported on the 'Love Clean Streets' app about a week ago. The response to reports on the app are usually pretty speedy, but the update on the report is stuck at "We will assess your report within two working days and decide how urgently it needs to be dealt with." There darkness on this part of the street is noticeable. My neighbour is concerned about the safety of it not being very well lit in this section of the street.

How long does it normally take for lights to be repaired? Has anyone else reported street lights not working and how long was the response time? How long do you think I should I wait before reporting it again? Many thanks for any advice!

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That doesn't bode well. Have you considered raising an official complaint? 

I also noticed that people on Twitter complain about lights on all day. 

Is the street lighting service actually working?!

Incidentally, despite being assured of repairs "in a few days", we still have seen no sign of repair. It seems that the street lighting definition of "few days" bears similarities to the teenager's "in a minute" as measure of time. (with apologies to teenagers who are nothing like mine)

I reported all lights were on 24 hours a day in my road, for over a month..several times. The street lamp outside was given the filter I had asked for weeks before the lights were fixed.

I wrote to our MP who followed it up..however I noticed recently one still on all day..The phone person who initially took the the details gave me the 10 working days line even though I had reported it 3 weeks previously..

Charlie Owen can you give the location of  the particular street light you reported? And even better the tag?
I ask because:
(1) It invites and enables other residents to share the work of reporting/checking non-working malfunctioning lights.
(2) It may assist in pin-pointing locations where particular conditions prevent repair in the expected time-frame.
(3) It could encourage others to report.
(4) To me it seems increasingly important as newer street trees - very welcome as they are - can reduce overall light.

I'd also encourage people to IGNORE any Council request not to re-report streetlights out. It's a vital issue of public safety. If there are budget problems caused by re-reports the solution is analyse and reform the repair system; not "veil" the statistics by discouraging valid reports.


Doggerel I once wrote aimed at the Council's "green" credentials. By all means borrow and adapt

The streetlights shone in Devon Close.
Shining all night and all day,
For months they beamed upon the road.
Why? No one would say.
And this was odd, because it was
Sustainable Haringey.

Thanks Alan: here goes:

Outside 6 Eade Road N4 1DH

Tag: EA 3 D [not in original report]

Original report: 19/10/2022; repeated 20/02/2023 and 24/05/2023.

Here is the report and response:


Street light not working.


19/10/2022 00:43
Visible to public
Street lighting, lit signs & lit bollards
In Progress
Job Code

Other items related to this report

Thank you for your report. We will review what you have told us within the next 2 working days and we will visit the site if necessary-6 Eade Road, N4 1DH 19/10/2022 01:43Thank you for your report. We will review what you have told us within the next 2 working days and we will visit the site if necessary
We have now reviewed your report and have raised a works request with our contractor.-6 Eade Road, N4 1DH 18/10/2022 13:24We have now reviewed your report and have raised a works request with our contractor.

Charlie Owen - Any progress on fixing streetlight EA 3 D?

If not. did anyone give you an explanation about why this normal, everyday, task has apparently been so difficult?

Still not fixed, and no feedback, even though I've reported it three times. I'll report it again now.

They just missed the first anniversary - but it's fixed!

Fri 27/10/2023 17:09

We wanted to let you know that we have now completed this work.

Report details: Enquiry Reference C: 156907 Reporting: General Street Lighting Issue
Reported: 19/10/2022 00:43:00
Street/Site: Eade Road
Additional Information: Street light not working.

Naturally, the two street lights in my street are still out despite assurances they'd be fixed in "a few days"

I've re-reported mine on Love Clean Streets, added to Fix My Street, and emailed the councillor Gina Adamou to ask how to get the numerous off and faulty street lighting in the area repaired.

I'm starting to think that there isn't actually anyone contracted to repair lights. 

And I have followed up my complaint with the council having given them 10 working days to either explain why they can't repair the lights or simply repair the lights.  I shall continue to email every 10 working days until they are fixed.

Incidentally, the contractor for Street Light repairs in Haringey are Malborough, tag line: "We understand, we deliver" 

I'm reminded of Iain Sinclair's comments in 'The Last London' on the ridiculous statements that surround us daily, that we don’t read, that trumpet their intentions to an audience who couldn’t care less (they just want things repaired and kept clean).

Sinclair points out there is “not a plugged Victorian sewage pipe without a headline boast. Not a dustcart without a grandiose statement of intent…lies like lies”

He calls it “the slow death of meaningful language.”

Thanks Liz
I've tried - really tried - to appreciate one or two of Iain Sinclair's doorstop tomes. Grandiose his writing may not be. But succinct it ain't.

To be fair Marlborough Highways has some "headline boasts" and they are not all  meaningless nor dead.  In fact, they give several local examples - e.g. Chesnut Road, and White Hart Lane - which are worth a mini-boast or two.

What won't appear in their fancy online leaflet is the dull everyday fixing streetlights within promised timescales, And which have nothing to do with fans getting to and from the Spurs stadium.

There's an obvious solution to the failed streetlights problem which Marlborough themselves have pointed out. Put it in the newly launched company magazine.



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