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We are trying to establish if this cat that roams up and down the Ducketts Common end of Sydney Road is a stray or not, because he doesn’t have a collar, is very skinny and keeps coming into our house to eat our cat’s food.

If this is your cat, please reply here or text 07989 190267 to confirm he does indeed have owners, otherwise we are going to contact the RSPCA or another animal rescue place to see if they can pick him up and take him to a shelter, where he can be looked after and rehomed.



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Hi there, the cat looks well cared for, so I really doubt it is a stray. Cats can be greedy and often like to do the rounds around the neighborhood to get more food. If he comes and goes, he is probably not a stray, but just a cat that likes to roam a bit. Just because he has no collar, don't assume it does not belong to anyone. Many people are against collars on cats as there's the fear they could get tangled with branches etc. To make sure he is not lost, you could attach a paper collar to the cat and ask the owner to call you to let you know he has a home. If the cat comes back with the collar still attached the day after, there is a chance it might be lost. The best thing would then be to take him to the vet and have him scanned for a microchip, so he can be reunited with their owners.


What does the cat look like? I’m afraid I can’t open the picture.

I can't open the picture either. Can you please re-post.

Sorry, I meant to update this to say we've tracked down the owner. Thanks all.



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