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I just found this young fellow at the bottom of my garden.  I didn't see it arrive but it was probably scared out of its wits escaping from some kind of aggression.  It seems quite unable to get out again and, even if it knew how to take off, there really isn't room to get airborne.

I've called a swan rescuer who has helped us out before.

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Just read this Dick.

what happened? 

A very proficient young woman showed up before 7pm. We wentdown the garden in the dark with torches, scaring off a fox as we went. She checked over the bird for injuries then wrapped it up in a purpose built straight jacket. She put the bundle into an IKEA carrier bag and scarpered. It was undoubtedly one of the family of seven cygnets that was often seen on this stretch of the river. The rescuer said she had collected another only two days ago from a neighbouring garden. It will be released on a large body of water.

Great news

Thank you Dick for posting this and for the update.  I am glad too that you were able to help. 

A 'lucky bunny' to have landed in your garden. And a happy ending.  

Oh gosh, sorry to hear this has happened again. I think last year a swan sadly died in similar circumstances  - really glad you were able to help. I understand they have curious family dynamics once the cygnets get to a certain age  ... 

I found this gruesome object in the garden yesterday so it looks as though one of the family didn't make it.  No sign of the rest of the body so this must have been left here by a fox.  Obligingly, it was removed overnight.

Red in tooth and claw over by the riverbank there, Mr H.

Someone got legless ....sorry, someone had to say it! 

Dick, please could you give contact details for swan rescue? Or, if you are on Facebook, see a post this morning on Lordship Rec group, someone has posted about a cygnet stuck behind a fence. Thank you

Try Lawrence on 079 4774 4746.

Thank you!



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