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Please I beg anyone who comes across a man selling them a PS5 in the street obviously cheap so they can get their money for their fixed to please purchase it and sell it back to me as it was a gift. 

I received a text message from Hermes delivery that my parcel has been delivered and I was not home to sign for it and it has been placed in my shed outside my home after a lot of hassle trying to contact the delivery driver and Company I was told they are not responsible for stolen goods as prove of delivery after a long time argument needless to say this is not end well.

The most upsetting thing is is after the past two years of going through the trauma myself and children have had I wanted to make this Christmas special and do my best to fulfil both children's wishes for their main Christmas present PlayStation 5 is not cheap I finally managed to save up and order it and was so looking forward to seeing my son's face on Christmas morning when opening his presents because I know he is not expecting as he literally begged me for one now not only is Christmas around the corner and I suppose if I struggle even more I would have managed to buy him another one however universal credit payment is on the 23rd of December I even phone them begging them to receive an early payment and explain the situation but it's not possible it would have meant obviously then following month would have been a struggle if I had to purchase another one but it would have been worth it just to see the expression on my son's face Christmas morning but that also is not possible due to the the evil person that stole the parcel so I'm asking everyone to please be aware of anyone trying to sell a brand new PS5  please contact me and I will buy it back off them my the price they paid and try and give a little reward this is so upsetting I am fuming

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I’m so so sorry hope you get this sorted 

Even if it does get sorted which I doubt it as they are it won't happen before Christmas I beg everyone who is ordering online not to give a safe place if you're not in because they will use it as an excuse like to assume and the queues but something just tells me the driver stolen it I was 8 minutes away live on a long road if someone would have taken it surely I would have passed bye why the person and noticed a box in their arm I don't know what is very strange no one knew a parcel was going to be left in the shed when I got to the front shed the door was open not even closed with the latch surely if the delivery man did leave the parcel in the shed he would have secured the door I don't know is I am literally devastated and I have no idea how to to replace it as expressed on my previous post heartbreaking horrible people what do they think because you live in a nice area that's your wealthy nice areas also have struggling family who live in council homes .

If a parcel is not delivered correctly it's the retailer's responsibility. Have you contacted them?

And, if you paid by a credit card go to your credit card company and dispute the payment. Sticking a parcel into a shed because you cannot be arsed to come back or put it into the hands of a human does not constitute delivery in anyone's book, surely!

I have done everything possible apparently no it's not the retailers responsibility is to make sure that the parcel is delivered however because I said if I am not home to leave it in the shed I am not liable very sad

I have done everything possible in my power before posting it online  ordered from a website and it is down to the delivery Herman's delivery are saying that it's  to my responsibility because I said to that if I am not in they can leave it in the shed so therefore I am liable if it is stolen is this clearly stated when you leave details to leave a parcel if you're not in and it gets stolen that the person of the order is liable I truly believe the driver stole it photo was taken just gone 1 oclock I literally got home at 1:08

I am afraid nowadays, and especially at this time of year, it is better not to trust anyone - even delivery drivers.  For an expensive item, try to go and buy it and carry it home yourself.  Hermes don't have a good reputation up here in Yorkshire.  Many deliveries are left at the wrong address.  On our website there are often photos with a message "Anyone recognise this doorstep?  You have our parcel!"

  • Answering to your reply first of all it's quite obvious that on ordering online should be safe which is also deliveries and of course I know that expensive items can also be purchased by going to the shop however due to health issues I am not able I am so upset about this Christmas is only a few weeks away I said I don't even get my universal credits until the 23rd and even so I cannot afford another one I've spent ages saving for that gift I honestly don't want to see his disappointment on Christmas morning if I did have the money I would try and get him a second-hand one you still would be happy with that but I don't even have funds I applied for or government Christmas Grant that even got declined what am I meant to do now I mean come on absolutely broke until the 23rd plus I have other children to get presents for the payments on the 23rd was only for bits and bobs the rest was for food and bills I honestly feel like going begging on the street yesterday I saw someone give a so-called homeless person a thick envelope which had £500 in it I stood there staring in shock considering the person is known as the regular shoplifter an addict if only I had the guts to sit there and ask for money but I still have my self respect and dignity what do I do with a request for donations no one wants to give anyone funding why would they don't know me me I don't know the situation and there are thousands more like me going through the same but we are all judged at the end of the day which is totally unfair anyway thank you for your your message I shall bear in mind next time not to order online
Oh no, so sorry to hear it. So sad

I can't help, but Hermes have an abysmal record re parcels left in unsafe places and being stolen.



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