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THE Standard speculates on crime statistics for the Finsbury Park area

Article in today's London Standard:

West End 'has worst living environment in the country', according to Office of National Statistics

… Leafy outer London boroughs such as Bromley, Havering and Harrow are the least deprived overall in the capital, contrasted with neighbourhoods in Homerton, Finsbury Park and Maida Vale that rank as the worst.

The greenery of Finsbury Park itself also holds the dubious honour of being the capital’s most dangerous area for crime – and the overall sixth-worst for crime in the country.

This may be due to the regular festivals and concerts held there, which warp the figures by bringing large numbers of people into a small area.

The government said the report was a snapshot based on information gathered three years ago. …

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As you say... all speculation. Just like most of your postings.

What parts are real, and what parts are made up by you ? 

Hi hob and thanks for your contribution. The quote is a straight quote from the article that you can easily read for yourself; I had nothing to do with any part of the article; however I do recognise the background that affected the author's thoughts.

Maida Vale! Must tell my friend Kathryn who lives there and thinks it's rather posh.

The high figures for Finsbury Park could be down to the combination of the number of people attending park events and that the park is surrounded by no alcohol areas. Without understanding the nature of the crimes it's rather sloppy reporting. A more shocking recent ONS report is looks at the disparity in life expectancy across London.

You can look at the stats yourself by going onto the met's crime map site here  You can get an analysis on a borough down to sub-ward level as well as for different types of crime.

They make interesting reading and dispel many myths about levels of crime in certain areas. However they do reveal that some areas have particular problems. Most of the West End is an area of 'high crime'. And almost all of London's borough are in the 'average' category. You need to look at the wards and the typers of crime to get a better idea of what afffects each neighbourhood /set of streets.

But of course the perception of crime (feeling unsafe) is something completely different and is used again and again to support the drive for 'regeneration'!

Have a look. There's more too in text/statistical format giving trend data, etc.

That's really interesting, thanks. When the Standard talk about Finsbury Park they must be talking about the area more between Hornsey Road and Nags Head so the correlation between the increase in numbers attending events and crime doesn't seems as strong as they seem to think this. Interestingly the area around Wood Green High Road seems to have a higher incidence of crime than the area around the actual Park.

Hilarious that the City of London is excluded given the value of the fines levied against firms there for crimes recently. If this was SimCity the map would show you where to put Police stations. Not sure how valid that model ever was though.

City of London police aren't part of the Met Police I think. There are all kinds of weird laws in the city, like they don't elect local councillors.

CGP Grey on The City of London. Well worth a watch.

As part 2 of the film proves John, simple, open and democratic.
I've just had a look at the map for incidence of crime in Maida Vale, the other area highlighted in the Standard report. It is average for London. The Standard report does seem a load of tosh actually.



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