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When I was a kid I met a blind man on a bus with his guide dog, I was amazed by the way the two worked together. The man and his dog subsequently came to my school to tune the piano and I met him again. It inspired me to collect the aluminium bottle tops from the milk bottles we all had at that point to help pay for a new guide dog. It was my first campaign!

For a long time I have saved postage stamps and when I had a pile sent them of to Guides for the Blind. GDFB sell them overseas to stamp collectors to raise funds.

My daughter has recently got interested in stamp collecting so I told her about GDFB and we decided that she will start to collect stamps for charity from her school in September (the school allowing). So, with that, if any of you have any stamps you periodically put to one side please let me know as she will happily take them and we can put them together into a regular package for charity.

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