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At the risk of creating panic buying at the Harringay Post Office, a reminder that stamps are going up in price from Monday 31st March.

A small first class letter will be 62p, a rise of 2p and a second class letter will cost 53p, a rise of 3p. First class large letters up to 100g will be 93p, an increase of 3p and 73p for second class - up 4p.  

Prices will also increase for parcels and if you send a 20g letter to the EU it’ll be 97p instead of 88p.  Some other international prices will increase and some will remain the same.

Royal Mail handy pricing guide for the new prices at www.royalmail.com

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Thanks very much for this usefull info

Are the buggers trying to drive me onto Facebook or Twitter or email or the Telephone or Harringayonline or some other equally ridiculous medium? Any good Telepathy for Oldies evening classes in the area, in  return for my Frozen Council Tax?



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