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I just wanted to start a discussion about the planning application by Paul Simon to build some blocks of flats next door to the school in Stanley Road N15 next to Harringay Road.

Do you have children at this school or you live nearby?

Haringey Planning link

Personally I think it is a bad idea.

Stanley Road is very congested in fact it is a cul-de-sac and a housing estate of 84 flats built next door to the primary school will destroy the road.

It will create lots of noise and traffic and problems for many months.

Especially for parents dropping off their kids and for children during lessons.

It is not right to allow developers to do this much better to leave the land for public use or to use it to expand the school rather than build 84 new private flats in a very built up area.

Please lets discuss what you think and if you want to you can post a comment on Haringey Council page as well

Consultation ends on the 18th of July.

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Earlier post by DTW merged with this one, as he/she requested.

To save people wading through the planning app, below are some key extracts:

The site currently comprises a vacant residential care home, known as the ‘Red House’ and a church and nursery which is known as the Derby Hall Church and nursery. It also includes a restaurant known as the ‘Golden Sands Bar’ which occupies the large three-storey building at the north-western corner of the site. This part of the site was historically used as a public house and is locally listed.

The Red House, which dates from the 1960’s, was operated by LBH as a Residential Care Home for older people. The 34-bed care home provided services for the physically frail and older people with dementia until its closure in 2013. The closure followed a Cabinet resolution on 19th July 2011 to shut the Red House at 423 West Green Road, along with other Council owned residential care homes.

The proposal seeks the comprehensive redevelopment of the site to provide 83 residential dwellings, which includes 3 dwellings associated with the Church. The existing church and nursery function will be relocated into the former public house building. The façade of this building will be retained as it is locally listed. However, the remaining structures at the site will be demolished, reconfigured and extended.

The mix of residential units proposed includes 29 x 1 bed units; 36 x 2 bed units; 16 x 3 bed units and 2 x 4 bed units. New commercial units will be provided at the ground-floor fronting onto the West Green Road. 19 car-parking spaces will also be provided on site. The proposal represents a high-quality design that will make efficient use of the site and provide additional residential accommodation to meet existing housing need.

Site plan attached.


Might have been nice to have one of the blocks for elderly sheltered housing to replace the Red house. 

The previous council admin really do have to answer for the sell off of homes for the elderly. What possessed them?

I only really have two problems with the development itself

1- Paul Simon Developments are involved - I cant think how that company haven’t won a RIBA gold medal for their stunning contribution to the built environment .. seriously.... haven’t you noticed the  hoards of architects and students flocking to Haringey from across the globe to check out all their “Landmark” buildings.. 

2- another pub bites the dust. 4 from Greenlanes to blackboy rd. 3 of those since I’ve lived here.

so.... expect Paul Simons usual shite standards of design and another bit of haringey blighted forever. I can’t think of one of their developments that wouldn’t have been improved by them not being involved. 

OMG that company are really really underwhelming.. 

They accidentally destroyed the protected facade of the Colosseum opposite the Salisbury when they redeveloped it too. I wish there was actually a person called Paul Simon that headed the firm but they've made it up to hide behind. Their shamelessness in blighting the local environment with rabbit hutch homes knows no bounds.

I think that pub is currently Golden Sands restaurant rather than a 'pub'. If it does go ahead it'd be good to see it restored to its original usage as West Green Road would really benefit from a good boozer. Doubtful of course.  

(I'm assuming Golden Sands is moving on - don't wish them ill will here)

As I understand it it won’t be a pub - part will be flats and downstairs a church hall?

The landlord of the pub has submitted a comment on the application page saying that it is still a pub, as it has been for 120 years, and that he wasn’t even told that it had been put up for demolition!  Some of the most worrying comments are from people living above the shops on West Green Road who say they will be made homeless by the development and as private sector tenants with few rights will be unlikely to be picked up for rehousing.

The development is not only unsuitable for the area but also calls into question in the developer’s approach to the people whose lives will be turned upside down.

We are getting a craft beer pub soon - True Craft coming in August I believe where the shitty West Green Tavern was. Can't wait!

Just noticed from the visual... aren’t those blocks the same as those on seven sisters road?. 

Wow ! Cut and paste architecture .. that company really are classy .

But they've added a flock of hungry pigeons flying high up there in the developer's sky ... classy.

However, Forge Architects (who have 'designed' this development) know a nice building when they see one. Based here in Southwark

6 Cole St


Maybe Mac the dog requested the pigeons be added to the development visuals.

The visual shows how these blocks just overwhelm the surrounding area.  I’ve put my comments in

No one from Stanley Rd on here yet ...

Much as I would typically welcome most forms of development (and this corner of the borough needs it badly) this doesn’t seem to have any kind of X factor - appears ugly, bulky and at odds with the remainder of the high street. It will therefore impede rather than enable the gentrification I openly (and others secretly) hope for...



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