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Does anyone else feel that the road is dangerous? The layout around Chesnuts Park, the Primary school and the hospital is shocking. There is nowhere for pedestrians to cross to get between the park and the hospital or to get across to the primary school. I mean its a primary school! This is made worse by the mini roundabout so drivers are not looking out for pedestrians. There is a zebra crossing further down St Ann's road but from my experience drivers regularly shoot through and then hold up a hand to say sorry for breaking the law!

If you go futher down and then try to cross salisbury road again there is no crossing and the cars regularly speed on this stretch of road. How do we go about getting the road layout changed?

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The answer is absolutely nothing - Wightman and Ladder roads have an unenforced 20mph broken daily by dozens of drivers (including the ones with mobiles jammed to their hands or eating sarnies.) See the thread about the ignoring of crossings on Wightman recently. Green Lanes has seen fatalities in recent years. I have lived here about 14 years now and the nightmarish Alroy Traffic is now being looked at after a long campaign by LibDems and taken on by new cllrs.

Traffic is a source of constant of worry and complaint on the Harringay Ladder (Try a search on it on HOL) and NOTHING is done save through long hard slogs and campaigns and councillors who are prepared to work for it. Although ultimately these small campaigns don't solve our overall problem of too many cars going too fast through residential streets.

I noticed on the '20mph' map (linked in post of 15/09/14 above) that the Gardens area will become a 20mph zone as part of the spread across the borough of 20mph roads. I wonder if 'enforcement' will be Ladder/Wightman-style with regular humps (which do have some effect), or the cheaper option of purely notional road markings only. The report doesn't say, as far as I can see.

The Gardens have been traffic-calmed to within an inch of their life. The 20mph zone is simply a formality

As it will be on many other Haringey roads too...

Absolutely! Walk from Cornwall Road to Harringay Station every day and witness reckless driving and speeding cars. The first point is that those turning from Green Lanes treat it as a wide race track giving scant regard for the Black Boy Lane mini roundabout. After this, beside the park, hospital and schools, I regularly hear and see drivers hit the accelerator to way beyond the 30MPH limit. There is nothing to slow drivers as they speed into South Tottenham. Well except maybe other careless drivers who stop in the middle of the road outside Chestnuts Community Centre to drop off passengers or those who miss Cornwall Road being one way or generally those who U-turn their 4 x4s at any given moment. The road should be narrowed and have raised tables. Parking spaces should be retained but with a change of surface to main carriageway. 

Secondly the pedestrian facilities are very poor. I agree the St Anns island crossing (opposite the school) and the Black Boy island crossing are inadequate. The latter is poor as drivers turning cannot see pedestrians and are more interested in getting round as quick as possible. There needs to be signalised crossings here which are wide and on a raised table, with adequate space to wait to cross. 

Generally people need to learn to drive properly!

Agree with all of the above - this is definitely an unsafe stretch of road and I frequently feel vulnerable there as a pedestrian. Many drivers don't actually stop at the pedestrian crossings - either on St Ann's Road itself or on the turnings off it. The worst one in my experience is the turning into Hermitage Road, where drivers frequently don't seem to realise or care that they are supposed to stop for you - and give you nasty looks when you cause them to slow down. But they will do this on the main road as well. 

The crossing you mention between the park and the school is definitely inadequate and should be at the very least, a zebra. It's just an island/mini roundabout isn't it? 

As a cyclist, I find it odd that car drivers just seem to think we are invisible on roundabouts such as the one on the corner of the St Ann's Police Station, there is a cycle route through the flats but it appears no one really knows the right etiquette with cyclists crossing the roundabout, just saying, its probably better to get off the cycle and walk across the zebra crossing if you want cars to stop.

Railings have been considered dangerous for a while now (basically because cyclists can get squished up against them) so I think it's pretty much every council's aim to remove them where possible. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that they've been taken away here. Road marking and signage need to be a LOT clearer though. 

That junction at St Ann's police station still looks like a T-junction, rather than a roundabout, and I find the 'give-way-at-roundabouts' protocol poorly observed as a consequence.

I don't think I've seen it observed here at all - people generally treat it as a standard corner/junction. 

That's Woodlands Park as we called it in the 1950s

seems like a lot of you share concerns over the safety of St Ann's road. The question is what to do about it? write to David Lammy?



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