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I'm not sure whether this has been shared elsewhere on HOL - can't see it in a search but...

We have recently received a note through our front door that the St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will be implemented on 22 August.

This is a heads-up for anyone living in or driving through the area between West Green Road and St Ann's Road.  There will no longer be a direct route between the two major roads unless you are a bus or have a 'X2' exemption pass. 

Woodlands Park Road, Black Boy Lane, Cornwall Road and Avenue Road will all be closed to through traffic. 

The restriction points will be monitored by CCTV, so no doubt LBH will be issuing lots of PCNs!  Drivers beware!

I attach two documents, one a map of the area showing the traffic cells as they will be after implementation, and the other the supporting document.

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I was on the bus going up there on Saturday, still got held up but this time it was so a car driver could turn around at the filter....

Went thru BBoy Lane on the 341 this evening. What a pleasure. Will wait until next week after school starts to see if the LTN is having its + effects.

I agree - I walk around the western end of St Ann's a lot, and the reduction in traffic on BBL and Woodlands Park Rd makes walking a better experience.  The buses are also running much smoother on BBL.

I also agree that there will be a degree of chaos next week when the schools go back.

Finally, to echo a comment from PeterPiper above, please engage with your councillors.  I have had email conversations about the LTN with Mike Hakata and Tammy Hymas, and found them receptive to ideas.

Are there cameras on Woodland Park Road? I walked past there on Wednesday and stopped 4 or 5 cars who almost or did go through the barrier, people trying to get through to West Green Road and they do not know about the LTN (so I'm assuming they weren't local). One man pointed out he couldn't see any cameras so just drove through. I couldn't see any either, the ones on BBL are very easy to spot.

The camera is on a lamp post about where the width restriction signs are. 

Yes, there is a camera - its on the left as you come up WP Road from St Anns

Good. I did tell the guy who drove though he'd be getting a fine, but he didn't believe me.

Hello, Is Woodlands Park Road out of bounds to cars 24/7 or just when the school street is on operation at the top?

WPR is restricted as a through route from West Green Road to St Ann's Road 24/7, just north of the Conway Road junction.  The top part by West Green school is additionally restricted during term time, morning and evening.

Cycling down Cornwall Road today I was close passed by a car that then went through the barrier. Something about the sound as it approached me made me sure that was about to happen. There's not really any need to pass a person on a bike riding downhill in a 20 zone.... Unless you hate people riding bikes and have a complete disregard for the law that is.

I do agree that we should stop these shorter journeys if possible. Lots of families already walk and cycle when they can. I always think twice about driving, due to the environmental impact, parking restrictions and cost of fuel. I do feel there needs to be some middle ground for local residence. We are being treated as non-residence. If you pay for a parking permit, you should have the option of been exempted (we don’t need to have X2 per household – just 1 is fine). Maybe the council should restrict residence to 1 parking permit or we all have to abide by LTN during school street times…I’m open to suggestions

The LTN are evidently very divisive. I sense a small group of politically motivated residence have shouted the loudest so get listened to, while the majority are being told what’s good for them.

The X2 refers to a specific LTN exemption permit, not to resident's parking permits.  You can find details on the council's web site.



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