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I'm not sure whether this has been shared elsewhere on HOL - can't see it in a search but...

We have recently received a note through our front door that the St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will be implemented on 22 August.

This is a heads-up for anyone living in or driving through the area between West Green Road and St Ann's Road.  There will no longer be a direct route between the two major roads unless you are a bus or have a 'X2' exemption pass. 

Woodlands Park Road, Black Boy Lane, Cornwall Road and Avenue Road will all be closed to through traffic. 

The restriction points will be monitored by CCTV, so no doubt LBH will be issuing lots of PCNs!  Drivers beware!

I attach two documents, one a map of the area showing the traffic cells as they will be after implementation, and the other the supporting document.

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That's interesting - the Ladder one won't be GLA-funded. So that excuse goes out of the window for us, this side of Green Lanes. Please let me know if the document turns up. 


It is in this link posted further up this thread, at para.16.

Thanks, Geoff. For simplicity's sake, I reproduce that section below:

16. Will residents inside the LTNs be exempt from the filter closures? if LTNs are aimed at reducing the through-traffic, can’t ANPR cameras be used to allow residents 24 hour access through all the ANPR filters?

It is extremely important that residents inside (and outside) the LTN areas understand that LTNs are not just about stopping through-traffic, but they are also a behaviour change initiative to get residents in the LTNs areas to think differently about the journeys they make by car. It is particularly important we challenge the residents’ shorter journeys by the motor car which could otherwise be made by active travel methods to meet the wider aims of the LTN. If it is easier to drive, rather than bike or walk short trips, many residents are unlikely to change their travel habits, and will continue to drive.

Allowing residents full access to the LTN can be done by ANPR but we would not support such a proposal as it would be counter to what we are trying to achieve. This would not be an LTN.

Transport for London and DfT have also been clear that they wouldn’t support this type of scheme and therefore our funding would be withdrawn.

All addresses will be accessible for cars in the LTN area.

That's pretty unequivocal. I'll be asking if they have data to show how successfully exemption minimisation achieves the behaviour change they seek. I've looked at the currently available evidence and it seems pretty scant.

it never would have occurred to me to drive to St Ann's Hospital. I wouldn't even cycle there! Once you factor in getting the car/bike out and parking/locking up, definitely quicker to walk.

It would never occur to me either, I would never drive within what is now my LTN.

However I am able bodied and able to walk. My son, on the other hand, will never be able to ride a bicycle and I need to drive him to his college in Highgate (a horticultural college for young adults with learning difficulties). I'm pleased to see that Haringey have listened to disabled people and their carers and have introduced their exemption policy at the same time as the LTNs go live.

Unfortunately services seem to be moving away from St Ann's hospital, our appointments seem to be at the North Mid or Tynemouth Road clinic. Neither walkable, but at least the North Mid is on a little bus route. But that has nothing to do with LTNs.

I keep getting referred to the Whittington. Possibly because my first visit there was by ambulance in April this year. They asked me if I'd prefer the North Mid or the Whittington and I said the Whittington because it's on the 41 bus route (and because I have bad memories of the North Mid!). Then I was referred to cardiology there, then for an x-ray and now for physio. I'm also a patient at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square.

I am disabled but have found the best way to manage my various conditions is to keep as physically active as I can. I have to reapply for my driving license every three years so it's not something I ever want to rely on in case it's whipped away from me.

Yes I ask to go to the Whittington as much as I can. We had horrible experiences at the North Mid when my son was a baby, and I find it really awkward to get to, Whittington is much easier.

To be clear I’m not talking about driving within an LTN as start and end points I’m thinking about driving through it to avoid spending long periods queuing on main roads. Current discussions for the Ladder LTN will mean incorporating a journey along Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane to travel, for instance to Brent Cross. There would also be no route south from Harringay via Tollington Road.

The second route is more complex, because, before long, it would involve going through what I’m sure will soon become somebody else’s LTN. The alternative to the first route, however, would only mean a journey through our own LTN.

That sounds very complicated, and a potential for complete gridlock. But not having seen any plans I can't really visualise what is being proposed.

Pretty much what we had when the bridge was closed, but extending it to restrict traffic travelling north-south, using Endymion. So, the only routes out of the Ladder would be via Green Lanes.

I'[d still say that not wanting people to drive through your LTN area but wanting to drive through it yourself to avoid traffic is hypocritical. It's all traffic, regardless of if it has come from 2 streets over or 2 cities over.

Andrew — My memory of the arguments for permanent closure of Wightman after the bridge episode is that the rationale was exactly that: if I drive on my road it’s “local” traffic, but if you drive on my road it’s “rat-running”. Hugh banned a well-known word starting with “Nim….” to describe this, but I still get the impression that the greatest advocates for LTN’s are exactly as hypocritical as you suggest.

I was joking when I made my initial crack about ANPR cameras to monitor Ladder residents using roads off Upper Tollington Park as rat-runs (sorry, “short cuts”), but I’m beginning to wonder whether it isn’t actually a good idea. If I start to see ever-increasing acres of empty residents’ parking spaces on Ladder roads then I’ll stand corrected, but I’m not holding my breath.



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