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The consultation on the St Ann's Low Traffic neighbourhood scheme is running from this week for a month.

Essentially, it offers two options. Option A closes most roads to through traffic. Option B leaves some roads open to through traffic.

The leaflet explaining the scheme is attached.

You can have your say and also see the Bounds Green and Bruce Grove schemes on the Haringey website.

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Oh well!! (Sigh)

Little boxes.

Hi! does anyone know where exactly the diagonal modal at F4 on Option A will be placed? It's not clear to me on the plan whether it will be on north side of Falmer road, south side of Gorleston road or diagonally across (meaning only route coming out of Gorleston road would mean left onto Cornwall Road).

I'm basically keen to see if you will still be able to go straight over to Falmer road, as access to West Green Road for resident drivers is extremely restricted in this scenario.

Any help explaining appreciated!

If it's similar to the diagnoal one on Etherly Road, I think it means you go along Gorleston Road and have to turn left into Crornwall Road then onto St Ann's Road. People driving down Cornwall Road from West Green Road would be forced to turn right onto Falmer Road, they could access BBL but only to go North back up to West Green Road.

So no you won't be able to go straight over into Falmer Road. People living in that yellow section can only access St Ann's Road. To get to West Green Road you would have to go round onto Green Lanes or Seven Sisters Road.

Thanks, yes that's what I feared. A shame as it forces people who live in that area to actually do more driving in (what will be) higher traffic areas.

The other option doesn't deal with rat running as effectively either.

Appreciate the explanation - thank you!

Does the other option allow access to West Green Road?

It was my only concern too. I was wondering if they could install one of those residents-only gates they've used elsewhere, but I think they're perhaps quite unreliable. 

Option B allows BBL to remain open both ways, and I think the current one way on Cornwall and Avenue Road. But there is a block at the junctions of Cornwall Road from Flamer Road and Dagmar Road. So if you're in roads to the east of Cornwall Road you'd need to go down Cornwall Road then up The Avenue to get to West Green Road (if I'm correct about the one way routes currently on those roads).

I think most of the blocks won't be physical ones but rather be enforced by cameras issuing fines, this allows emergency vehicles through. There are no resident only permits/gates proposed.

Thanks, yes that's what I feared. A shame as it forces people who live in that area to actually do more driving in (what will be) higher traffic areas.

One of the stated aims of the LTNs is to encourage people inside them to cut down on their driving. The hope of things such as the above is that some residents will take other modes of transport, particularly for shorter journeys where the added time is a significant proportion of the whole journey.

Agree with the aim, however for some people with longer journeys, it is just not practical to find an alternative route. These people will end up adding more traffic and pollution to the permitier roads.

I feel there are two quite extreme versions proposed and a middle option that stops the cut throughs but also allows freedom of movement for residents could work better. With less cut-through traffic I imagine some people will be more encouraged to take up bikes instead of driving.

If you're on a longer journey then adding another 5 or 10 minutes isn't that much of an issue (and hopefully as the traffic stabilises and fewer people do short journeys then that will drop again and traffic levels on the boundary roads will return to previous levels).

I listened to a few of the consultations and when questions were asked around this issue they were quite clear that an aim was to also cut local traffic.

I think this will be the most interesting thing to come out of the trial. Traffic within the cells will almost certainly drop but what is going to happen on the boundary roads? Other schemes have generally seen traffic remain stable or even drop but occasionally one road has suffered a fair bit of extra traffic.

Absolutely. Going back to my original question - I'm looking at the plan again (!!) - the F4 in option A is confusing as the orange arrows suggest, when traveling west on Gorleston Road, that you can go straight over the Falmer Road, but the modal is diagonal (very confusing!). If you can go straight over whilst driving then that would be very handy - and only very small amount of traffic from locals. It would however mean cut through still possible.

Does anyone know why the two options have been proposed? There's already been quite a bit of consultation so I'm surprised that there is still discussion on what the options are.

There isn’t an option for my road. Same under both schemes.

I know that everyone is looking forward to living in gated communities, but I’m not a fan. 



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