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I haven't had a chance to look yet, but it's clear that the presence of this major development will be made felt locally.

The image above shows the St Ann's Road elevation in sections. Click it and click again for larger sizes.

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Link is here.

Yes it's vast, happy square-eyed reading.....

I cheated: I went to the 'Major Developments' area of the Haringey Planning website.

Apologies. I posted in a bit of a hurry. Link now added.

Just to be clear, if you look at the overall plan - 28076-A-02-001-Landscape Masterplan-Rev P1.pdf - there are lots of houses planned on the site. This is good for families, but will make it even more difficult to get kids into local schools.

Wow, this really is a major development. It looks to me as if the hospital grounds will be more than 80% covered by brick & concrete, thus bringing to an end this location's function as a 'green lung'. It's loss will be noticed.

I also think it's a shame that an access route via the Stanhope Gardens/Warwick Gardens junction hasn't been provided.

With this substantial increase in housing, what will the implications for the local schools be?

Why isn't Schools an issue? With more kids living near Chestnuts primary, its catchment radius will go down even further (last few years between 236 metres & 450 metres, see this Haringey table).

This increases the chance of families in the gardens (for example) being unable to send their kids to either Chestnuts, South Haringey or North Haringey, as all have pretty small catchment radii.

Local schools need more capacity - and in theory this sort of development could fund this.

Sure we need homes but we also need plans for the health services that the new residents will need, and the schools, and the buses etc ....... Oh and yes, some mental health care services!

I agree with Sharon . you would hardly know from the Elevations that there is the remains of a hospital there on one third of the site.

 There are modernised mental health wards and community services but there could be an Urgent Care Centre,more mental health facilities like supported housing. There could be a Medical Centre to ease the burden on shrinking amount of GP practices in the area, and a Childrens Health Centre to bring together social services and health to stop another Baby Peter happening . No "health check" of the areas health needs has been carried out.

If you want these facilities join the HaNSAH campaign (Haringey Needs St Anns Hospital  www.facebook.com/HaringeyNeedsStAnnsHospital

Next meeting Chestnuts Community Centre St Anns Rd 630 on 30/6/14 . 

I advise you too read the planning statement and the 4 part DAS as these docs summarise the proposal and background to the scheme. 

From a brief look at the "Residential Travel Plan Framework" p18 they are planning this development as a pretty car-dependant, outer London type development, despite the fact that it's in a densely populated area rather similar to inner London.

They are predicted a lot of peak-hour car use, with almost half of trips by car, and then they have a pretty pathetic target to reduce car use: "Initial AM and PM peak hour targets have been set which aim to achieve a 10% reduction in single occupancy car based travel over a five year period."

Not very impressive in an increasingly congested London! What we really need in Haringey is more cars.

No mention of improving bus services either - the 67 really isn't a very reliable service, and it's a nightmare if you have a buggy.

Really good to see a plan to modernise the wards and patient services. They're in such awful accommodation now, and good to make better use of all that wasted space.

This is a very large development. I can't seem to find any evidence regarding impact on local schools in the documentation - if someone has found this can you let me know where to find this.  Cheers.



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