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 Just walked past 429 Green Lanes - formerly Yayla restaurant and saw a notice for an alcohol license made on behalf of Yaalu Yaalu LTD.

A bit of digging around reveals that there is a well-reviewed Sri Lankan restaurant under the name of Yaalu Yalu in Croydon, so possibly an offshoot of the above. Similarity in names could possibly be a stroke of SEO genius...

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How wonderful if it is.  I want string hoppers!


Quote; Ornamented Lagoon features lagoon king prawns cooked with coconut milk and spices and is served with egg fried-rice and crispy caramelised red onion. ..... yum!

Btw, ... 'Yaalu means friends in the Sri Lankan language of Sinhala.'

According to Companies House, they share a common director with the company which runs the restaurant in Croydon, so fingers crossed - the menu for that place looks amazing. 

Really hope you're right!

Looks fabulous!

Hi is this up and running, has anyone been?

No - still boarded up I think.

I walked past today and according to the note on the boardings I think you were right! I think we're getting an Sri Lankan restaurant. Didn't manage to get a peak inside at how close to ready it was however.

The refit of this shop is coming along - the boards were down this morning and the signage is up for Yaalu Yaalu.

Excited to try it out when it opens.

Excellent ... thanks Si

Expect Hugh will be down there with his camera very soon

Brilliant thanks.  Can't wait for this to open. 

I do wonder whether they or the leaseholder have fixed the structural issues that are rumoured to have closed the previous establishment at that address...



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