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Its seems squatters have moved into the old Post office in Green Lanes today.....

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Reminds me of a property in Hertford. Large house on private drive. Got taken over by weed growers. Many sided with them. Until it caught fire , Blew up local Electric Circuit and destroyed Water Pipes

Use of a empty property for Housing No issue

Jacking Services Yes I do have a issue as increases everyone's Bills

When I walked by the PO at 9:30 this morning there were three police vehicles and about a dozen officers outside.  By the time I came out of the newsagents they had gone.  No idea if the building is still being occupied

Well Michael, on a positive note, those who called the police will sleep soundly tonight whilst the criminals will rest safe knowing it won't rain until tomorrow. Everyone's a winner and not a broken window in sight....

I imagine most will probably go back to their second homes in Notting Hill. 

I despair... 

Or maybe they'll move into one of your houses your a generous man

Post Offices are normally Crown Properties

Reason I expect they got uninvited to leave or serve them Notice to leave

I'd rather see people under a roof, rather than sitting out on the streets begging. Not that they might also do that of course.

Walked past this morning and they are all out on the pavement with their belonging and a bunch a security guards are standing around. While it was inevitable that they would be evicted at some point it seems a bizarre time to do it.  

I doubt that anyone will be opening up shop there in the current crisis and it seems like faint hope the squatters will find anywhere to live, at least the short term.  So it will stand empty for goodness know how long and around 10 people will be out on the street.

I think this is really sad. As someone who lives close by I can vouch that they have caused no problem and as you say Michael this building will remain closed longterm and the people will be homeless;  bearing in mind that we are also in a pandemic and they are not supposed to be in the position of mixing with anyone else. The free shop that they opened gave clothes and food to those who needed it.

Chucking them out on the street serves no purpose. And before some ejit says again that I should take them in- there are thousands of homeless and a longterm deficit of housing it is the governments responsibility to sort a nationwide problem that has bedevilled this country for years. 

I went to talk to them and they have absolutely no idea where to go.  Now, instead of allowing people to live there who will keep it wind, water tight and deter vandalism, it will either stand empty and rot or cost the owners a fortune on live in “guardians”, security and temporary repairs.  Even if you approach it from an economic standpoint it makes zero sense.

" I don't have a lot of sympathy", yes, well that is so.

A five minute talk with the people who lived there would have helped you to understand the utter hole it was when they moved in and what they did to make it habitable.  Would you have been more sympathetic if they had plastered the windows with Conservative party posters?

I don't think I've said anything to warrant my posts being removed.

No, Michael I wouldn't but I will add that Conservatives, LibDems and Labour tend to not promote illegality or make threats against those who don't share their views. Those posters were hard left extremism which like any extremism has no place in our society. I won't comment any further.



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