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Its seems squatters have moved into the old Post office in Green Lanes today.....

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I think I saw them taking in a fridge today - good luck to them

Oh dear. A whole new chapter of Law and Disorder on Green Lanes. Hopefully a prompt visit from the Police will send them on their merry way.

Living a squat in the late 70s in Brixton saved me from a life on the street Kotkas (and saved the house that had lain empty for years from decaying even further)

Well said

That’s good. Do you know if they need anything in particular? Plenty decluttering going on.

Was about to post too. Happened around 3.30pm today, around 4 people. 

Ah, I saw them with the van and got a lovely smile. I wish the PO was still there but failing that its good that the building is made use of and yes- good luck to them.

Good luck to lawbreakers ?

Yes the ancient right allowing homeless people to 'squat' in empty buildings was an issue in the Pheasants revolt of 1381 and exercised throughout time (with legal caveats) up until the Nasty Party made it illegal in 2012. Some laws are for the common good other laws are made simply to line the pockets of Nasty Party families and friends. At a time when people cannot afford to buy or to rent and with an impending economic crisis I welcome them to my street and yes good luck to them.

Squatting infringes on one of the most fundamental principles of what makes societies prosperous and stable - that of property rights. Without property rights we'd just rape, pillage and 'squat' our way into that which belongs to others.

These individuals break the law, just like anyone else who helps themselves to something that doesn't belong to them without due exchange of value or the permission of the owner. I'm not a lawyer but think the legal term for it is theft...

Very funny. You think that until 2012 that squatters pillaged and raped their way through the country. Much of the land owned in this country was grabbed by someone or given in exchange for favours to a royal at some time.



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