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Spread the word!! CASH MOB at Andreas Michli and Son grocery shop. Sat 24th November 2012, 11am.


**You are warmly invited to take part in a CASH MOB at Michli and Son grocery shop**

On the corner of St Ann's Road and Salisbury Road - opposite Woodlands Park Road


Saturday 24th November, 11am - 12 midday.

'Charmingly moustachioed Mr Michli oversees proceedings at what we think must be one of the best Cypriot food stores in London.' - Time Out





Come and spend a minimum of a fiver as part of your grocery shop for the week. Meet the friendly and fabulous Andreas, Julia and Mehmet. If you're a regular customer, come and help give them a cheery lift.

With a great selection of fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm, olives, bread and cheese, spices and beans and pots from Cyprus, spending £5 will not be difficult! You are likely to get a free cooking tip or interesting facts about the ingredients you buy and you will definitely leave the shop with a smile.

Local supporters plan to provide a warming cup of FREE INDIAN CHAI AND ART ACTIVITIES for cash mobbers and their children on the day.

After shopping, we have the choice of going to a local cafe to celebrate and meet each other properly.

This event has been organised by a group of local Harringay residents, after a suggestion on this discussion


Saturday 24th November, 11am - 12 midday.

405-411 St Ann's Rd, N15 3JL

See you there!

If you plan to come, please tell us in the comment box below

 **Please help spread the word - send this link to your neighbours and friends. If you can help distribute posters, please leave a comment below.**


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Hi everyone

There's an event posted up here http://www.harringayonline.com/events/cash-mob-at-michli-and-son-gr...

Leaflet/poster making is underway. Will just drop a load of at the shop when they're ready - the plan is early next week. So if you can help, you can pick up a pile and get them out to people.

So far there's been offers of help designing the leaflet, getting them out and bringing samosas on the day. And of course all the supportive messages. Which are all totally ACE! 

Would anyone like to work together more closely to organise the event and ensure it runs smoothly on the day? It feels a little daunting at the moment! If you are up for this, please message me or comment below.

Love Shilpa


Ten positive reviews. So the really astonishing question: why there isn't a queue round the block?

Why haven't Andreas, Julia & Mehmet opened a virtual shop ages ago? Don't they know we prefer to talk the talk than walk the walk?  Haven't they heard about online shopping or even delivery to our doors?  Why doesn't Winkworth or KFH take over their publicity?

Good question, why isn't there a queue around the block?

I think cash mobs are a great tool when properly targeted, but for a more sustainable long term proposition what can this or any business do to make themselves more attractive to customers?

Appearance and presentation matters (even if this place has a number of great USPs) – this is why chains have specialist merchandisers on staff to separate you from your money. I’ve been here with the view to buy several times over the last few years and only bought stuff once. Why? From the outside it looks tired, inside poor lighting and presentation frankly doesn’t inspire confidence in their stock even if the owners/staff themselves are lovely and their produce may be great.

To strengthen their business over the longer term they need to carry out a proper SWOT analysis and put into action a remedial plan to deal with some long term issues, maybe they can get some advice from the traders association?

A one off cash mob won’t save their business, only a systematic appraisal of their current business strengths and weaknesses and a plan for the future will.

I agree with you Inkjetpack. A cash mob is a good start for raising the shop's profile and raising their morale though I think.

Would you consider giving them this feedback and suggesting longer term action to them - on the day or another time. It sounds like you may have the expertise to be able to help them do a SWOT, if you were willing to give up some of your time?


Hi Inkjetpack, 

I think that your comment is very interesting and I have to say that I agree with your comments regarding the Cash Mob and long-term business longevity... 

I am actually a broadcast journalist in training and am doing a television package on the Cash Mob for a local news programme. Would you consider being interviewed at some point tomorrow (Wednesday) on your views of the subject? I could come to a place and time convenient for you and would be so grateful to her your opinions and advice on future business growth!

If you would be interested please email me at olivia.st@live.com, or simply reply on here!

Many thanks! 

Just realised, there is a Nearly New Sale at Chestnuts primary 11- 12.30ish same day (listed on events)  Thought I'd mention it as maybe this could be an alternative place for people to go on to. And will involve some of same interested parties.

Liza, that seems very much one of the most fruitful ways - in this case literally - to generate new customers. By suggesting people come on an "outing" and enjoy the various things on offer round the neighbourhood.

But that does mean that more people from outside the immediate area will be coming. Also that the Council has to think smarter about basic services such as waste collection; and car parking.

HoL members might be interested to read a letter to Barnet Council from Michael Kentish of the Barnet Business & Traders Association posted on this website. Mr Kentish asks Barnet to support their local businesses and not - in his words - "Asset Strip" them.

Years ago Zena and I used to go to a vegan café then in 'The Grove' near Ally Pally. I always thought it was a shame that the Palace didn't then advertise/signpost visitors to various other businesses within walking distance. It can be a potential win-win.

Sounds like a really good idea Liza!!

I can't go as I'm in Ireland then - so I went and did my spend today. Saturday and the shop was empty of customers...

What did you buy Eugene - did you like the shop?




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