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Spread the word!! CASH MOB at Andreas Michli and Son grocery shop. Sat 24th November 2012, 11am.


**You are warmly invited to take part in a CASH MOB at Michli and Son grocery shop**

On the corner of St Ann's Road and Salisbury Road - opposite Woodlands Park Road


Saturday 24th November, 11am - 12 midday.

'Charmingly moustachioed Mr Michli oversees proceedings at what we think must be one of the best Cypriot food stores in London.' - Time Out





Come and spend a minimum of a fiver as part of your grocery shop for the week. Meet the friendly and fabulous Andreas, Julia and Mehmet. If you're a regular customer, come and help give them a cheery lift.

With a great selection of fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm, olives, bread and cheese, spices and beans and pots from Cyprus, spending £5 will not be difficult! You are likely to get a free cooking tip or interesting facts about the ingredients you buy and you will definitely leave the shop with a smile.

Local supporters plan to provide a warming cup of FREE INDIAN CHAI AND ART ACTIVITIES for cash mobbers and their children on the day.

After shopping, we have the choice of going to a local cafe to celebrate and meet each other properly.

This event has been organised by a group of local Harringay residents, after a suggestion on this discussion


Saturday 24th November, 11am - 12 midday.

405-411 St Ann's Rd, N15 3JL

See you there!

If you plan to come, please tell us in the comment box below

 **Please help spread the word - send this link to your neighbours and friends. If you can help distribute posters, please leave a comment below.**


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Well done on getting this going! Let me know what I can do to help!

I like the pot shop and I'd like to support this, can you do  a reminder nearer the time.

This lovely shop has famous fans, including Sam Clark from Moro restaurant in Exmouth Market EC1.



That's a brilliant tip. Shilpa, if you can get someone like Sam Clark involved, the job's half done. Well worth trying to get in touch.

yes! great! Please do send on to others too.

I'll be there, great idea. There is an article in the Standard today about cashmobs in Enfield:


"inspired by a similar scheme in the US"??

I read that and thought I remembered reading something else about this Enfield cash mob - and found it here on HoL!

Seems like the organiser wrote to Harringay Market saying:

"Thanks so much for organising this cash mob. I heard about it on twitter and was then inspired to organise a SHOCK Cash Mob, in Enfield!"

What's this inter-borough rivalry!

 Hey Hello JeremyS! Not inter-borough rivalry!! Inter-borough INSPIRATION! A friend of mine pointed out on Twitter what you guys had done in Harringay, with the market cash mob....and suggested that I should organise one in Enfield. In every interview I've done, I've credited Harringay with inspiring me and in The Standard interview too but it didn't get mentioned in the article. I wrote that comment quoted above. I think it is very important to thank people for their inspiration. xx 

So thank you again, for your inspiration, I added my own little twists to the ones in Enfield, so they very much have a local stamp on them and quirkiness.

You can read about our cash mob at a sweet shop, here....http://www.mycoffeestopstories.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/shock-cashmob...

Hi Karen. Great you have this going in Enfield. And nice to see another Harringay resident picking up on the idea locally. The more we can get local business supported everywhere the better.

Annoyed I can't be there that day but will pop in over the next week and plan to make it a regular stop from now on.

We'll be there. Please send reminder closer to the time.

Hi there, well done....Happy to distribute leaflets if that would help. Let us know nearer the time.



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