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I read recently that the sparrow population in the UK has declined by 2/3 YES THAT'S WHAT I SAID TWO THIRDS (I'm shouting). And there is a decline in other common British birds too. I think as a neighbourhood we can do something about it. One way is to make sure that we have bird tables and regularly put out bird seed. But that's not the main issue/solution. One cause is that so many gardens have had all those lovely makeovers and are so neat and pristine (if I'm getting this right - correct me otherwise) - we need more unkempt spaces in our gardens - more trees etc, more areas left to grow wild - this encourages all the insects to multiply that sparrows need to survive on.

So if you have a messy unkempt garden - don't despair - you may be helping the sparrow population.

Any one else got advice - join the debate - I want to get my whole street involved!

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Thanks for posting on this SB, it is very worrying. This link has more on this, but you are right, the bottom line is that there's too much paving and decking and not enough nature in our gardens.

I blame those garden makeover programmes that made everyone want to turn their gardens into outdoor dining rooms. Tear up those planks people and leave some wild areas in your garden. Stop turning your front gardens into car parks (not much danger of that with most of our gardens but an awful lot are just paved and concreted). If you are not lucky enough to have a garden, grow something in a pot on your windowsill. Or join the bulb planters on Ducketts Common and at the Open Space.
Btw if anyone is interested in doing more about this, have a look at the RSPB site Homes for Wildlife which has lots of suggestions for encouraging wildlife to your garden. See also this post about Garden for a Living London



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