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In my Wightman Road garden, there is a small cultivated patch - about 20 square metres - that I am not likely to use this season.  If a frustrated local gardener would like to make use of it, please get in touch.

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Dick. A few years ago I was in a very snoozy corner of France and near where I was staying was a plot of land close to the size you are describing. On it was a huge range of different pumpkins and squashes growing randomly, which worked well as the are rather extensive growers.

It was excellent, looked great, and had some really interesting plants growing happily away. I have always thought I would love a plot to do something similar, but this is more of a suggestion for you! 

Hi Dick

I am a frustrated gardener from N10 who would be happy to have a go at your patch if it is still on offer.



079 5899 1121

I have sent you a connection request.



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