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Some of you may have had a letterbox drop of the consultation document but if not you can access them online:

Consultations run until 12 December with a decision expected in January 2023 and implementation in the spring.

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Great, whilst I don't support the LTNs, I do think school streets are a brilliant idea.

My children went to Chestnuts Primary and walking to and from there for 10 years I saw so many near misses with people driving cars up onto the pavements and flinging doors open. I am sure it is much safer since a School Street was introduced.

Unfortunately, the problems with school streets and those who are actually utilising the ‘school streets’ during the hours of operation is an issue. My sister has a school street established on her road in Waltham Forest, and it has created nothing more than a headache to all residents, even causing near misses to children walking at the school; more now, than before it’s implementation. You will find that the people who use these streets during school hours are in fact ‘parents’ of children at the school, (who the majority are also residents of the streets in which these ‘school streets’ operate). They are choosing to ‘drive’ their children into school, as opposed to benefiting them by using the fresh air to walk, (as we all did years ago when our children were little!) They now arrive on the street up to 45 mins earlier to obtain a place to park, they park on the kerbs and double park, with ‘no traffic wardens’ wishing to attend to the problem in the whole 2 years of its implementation! Residents of the actual road in which the school streets operate have had their cars hit on a number of occasions by parents who do not seem to care about other people’s property. Children have also had near misses with vehicles on a number of occasions, from people with a careless intention span, trying to manoeuvre out of tight spots amongst the persistent build up of parked traffic at this time.  In addition, those who are disabled etc, are not able to enjoy the comfort of having a taxi at their front door (to pick them up or bring them back home). They need to walk a multitude of roads during these times to get home, as taxi drivers are not able to use the school streets during their hours of operation, (they are fined up to £130 each time they enter).  Any packages you have will not be delivered at these times, and if delivery is on its way, it is normally diverted back to the depot for another time - the council requires a ‘number plate’ of the delivery van 24 hours ‘before’ it enters a school street, so the driver/company is not fined. It therefore may ‘look’ like a good idea for all concerned, however; believe me - it is more trouble than it’s worth!

School streets is a great idea implemented in a completely negligent and money-raising-focused way. See this post for some reasons why: https://harringayonline.com/forum/topics/elmfield-avenue-school-tim...

I do not believe the primary objective is to protect children or improve the environment, otherwise far more effective ways to make the school streets safer would be implemented, including:

 - far more prominent signage painted on the approach and entry points to the School Streets roads;

 - using lollipop safety staff at the entry points to Safer Streets roads during the hours of operation;

 -  temporary road closure measures during the hours of operation.

If you are responding to the consulation, please ask for such additional measures to make School Streets safer and fairer. 



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