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I was walking past the old post office (the one on Green lanes by Warham road) and there appears to be some building work going on inside. Anyone know whether it’s reopening and what kind of shop it might be? 

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A Police station would be handy. Open 24/7 where we could report crime to a human and where the local coppers could stop in for a cup of tea on their regular foot patrols. Imagine that...

Imagine that indeed! 

I suspect that a large proportion of the local crime (break and enters, car break-ins, public defecation, open drug dealing, drug drops) would be solved by simply following the well known local street users around for a few weeks. They would soon pack up and leave if they knew they were being watched. No demand means no supply.

The Police could also stand out the front of the building and nab the constant stream of unlicensed/fake plated motor scooter riders who break every road rule under the sun.

Won't happen though.

There were plenty of police in evidence during the small MacDonald's tree protest on Saturday - a vanload in the carpark and several community officers patrolling Green Lanes. Drug dealers, drag racers and anti-social behaviour don't seem to attract their attention but a bunch of people waving placards and wearing leaves on their hats cleary present a great risk to the public....

Joys of Electing Ward Councillors. Who believe that Offenders have more Rights than the Majority. Especially those offended against 

Seems to be the case, sad to say. Nationally people are getting more frustrated with the police, their seeming lack of action and convictions.  

The loss of trees is so upsetting and goes against all the messaging about protecting the environment etc. Empty words. 

That's what the police are for - protecting big money, prop[erty, business and government policy. Protecting the public from crime is a sideline to justify their existence. We need a new police service, one that does the job that the public wants them to do.

Talking of local crime, what about all the jewellers shops, which hardly ever have customers, and look a lot like fronts for money-laundering?


Looks like flats but keeping the retail unit at the front?

I forgot how nice the big windows are. It's a good retail location. I'm so used to it being covered by metal and wooden boarding, graffiti and posters. Hopefully something nice will arrive.



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