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sorry for long post

I’ve lived around here since 1995, and I’ve never ever known this

it started mid April with someone smashing numerous car mirrors on mattison road

that night/ early morning a few guys dismantled my front wall and threw it through my front window, Destroying my bulletproof double glazing, covering my whole sitting room with shattered glass. Thankfully I wasn’t up, or it would have hit me, possibly killed me

Then few weeks later, someone smashed my big plant pot out the front

1 week ago someone tried to kick my back gate in, thankfully only splintered the wood of 1 lock, and the other 2 locks held out

i also notice someone on duckett road adjacent  to me, has also had their front window smashed, also still boarded up like mine

i believe there are also numerous other things on the road, like cars being broken into, windscreens being smashed

its all so so terrible. Police officer finally came round last wkend, and just urges anyone who has been a recent victim of crime to contact 101, you can even do it on line. As the more complaints, then higher priority it is for the antisocial neighbour hood team to do more patrols

He also said to get people to contact the council requesting for more lighting on the passageway. Again the more people whom request it, the more likely this is to be done

meanwhile several hundreds of pounds later,repairing my window etc, I’m investing in cctv, video doorbell, fence, and anticlimb paint, and lighting

I need to feel safe again, and I don’t want to have to put bars on my window

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but it was criminal damage and potential injury to you, it must be a police matter

Agree. This goes far beyond anti social behaviour

I don’t know when the last time you reported anything to the police was, but if there isn’t any evidence, it’s filed, end of. No evidence that might catch the criminal, might as well not be a crime. That’s why it’s all such a mess.these criminals know there is no evidence, so can do what they like

im not taking my window boarding down until my cctv is up, but then the perpetuators can just hide from their faces

wont do any harm to report in case in happens again, also there may be some evidence of dna etc

at least file an online report stating you phoned the police but they didnt reply for two days

The response seems so random Tigha.  A friend who lives in N22 was broken into earlier this year but nothing of any value was taken.  He reported it to the Police, mainly for his insurance, but they sent an officer within a couple of hours and that was followed by a forensic officer gathering evidence.  He didn’t feel threatened by the incident, more pissed off, yet got a far better response than you!

I know

i got burgled a couple of years ago when I was in bed,as I left the front window open, and had quite a bit stolen. The forensics came round to do fingered prints etc. I didn’t feel threatened just stupid for leaving the window open

and yes when people had their car mirrors smashed, a police officer came round. All so random

thankfully I’m now in contact with the local team, and will be attending the next meeting, where the relevant police officer/s are present 

It was good to see sizeable turnout by the ladder contingency at the HWNW last night, and the issues here were aired including by Tigha herself. A very informed and constructive criticism was given by the chair Ian Sygrave which received a loud applaud.

Yes indeed. Think we got the message across, good to meet you. Also going to the local meeting next thurs



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