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Controlling traffic levels on the Ladder seems to have been one of the symphonies that has accompanied Harringay Online since we set up thirteen years ago.

Small advances have been made. But, what with one thing and another, there's never been the progress most people want.

Now, finally, a Living Streets group for the Ladder has been set up with the primary goal of achieving a low traffic neighbourhood for the Harringay Ladder.

The group outlines its main aims in five bullet points:

  • cleaner air without the noise and pollution from through traffic 
  • streets safe for everyone including children and those with difficulty getting around
  • preserved vehicle access for local residents, businesses, and places of worship
  • a healthier high street and better use of space for local businesses and residents
  • safer cycling and walking around the neighbourhood and commuting routes to/from Central London 

Achieving the goals will be in part dependent on the group getting strong local support. You can help as an active member or simply by showing your support through joining as a member. You can take the first step by signing up on the Harringay Ladder Living Streets web page.

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A large number of cars parked on or near Green Lanes are owned by shop owners or workers.

How do they get permits?

Some cars are breaking parking regulations without penalty.

I wonder if the council investigates parking abuse?

Hugh - Thank you for the correction on car ownership on the ladder. I was making a judgment based on the number of cars I usually see parked on both sides of the road on the "rung" roads of the ladder. I wasn't trying to blame anyone. I realise that a lot of the traffic problems in the area are from people from outside the area driving north-south, on Green Lanes or Wightman Road. I would love to see Wightman Road traffic restricted to access only, and for Green Lanes to be also limited to access only, with the only through traffic being the bus routes. Although some of the north-south traffic might be moved to other north-south routes, probably a significant amount of it would disappear, as a result of journeys not being made.

It’s ladder only so won’t be supporting. Sorry!

Hey Penguin, it's not just the Ladder, but also St Ann's ward, Bruce Grove, Bounds Green, Crouch End Bowes Park, in fact all over London and following the recently published "Gear Change" it a national initiative for health issues through walking & safer cycling. So, hopefully you will be consulted wherever you live.

FYI, here's an interesting article from Google describing how their routing engine works to direct traffic through any available shorter route - note that there is no consideration of residential streets, schools etc:

-my conclusion would be that if you don’t want lots of motor vehicles down a road, you need to block it or make it very, very slow


Is it too late to add the aim of safe journeys and reduced pollution for our two primary schools?

It is never too late to add further benefits that can be gained through the creation of Low Traffic Neighborhoods to increase healthier outcomes by designing out unhealthy situations.



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