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I don’t know whether anyone has noticed the small and probably delicious take aways available on Green Lanes but some have no window for takeaway and I noticed one last Saturday with 6 people waiting in this tiny little restaurant , none were wearing mask and no place for self distancing, the chef was cooking generating heat and the door was firmly closed; I must say I was appalled.

Sainsbury was really busy, no queuing, no one restricting entry, no one way system, masks were warn or not, very festive but I felt really unsafe.

Post office advertises 3 people only allowed inside but people are just cramming in that small narrow space, some wear masks but no one is trying to reduce numbers going in, again it felt really unsafe and specially as queues are not moving fast. The Crouch end post office is much safer with someone at the door to measure amount of people going in and much bigger premises.

I really find Green Lane shopping is generally unsafe with many non essential shops open, and no one to stop the madness. COVID numbers in Haringey shot up last week.

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I am told that the English when venturing abroad to Near and Middle Eastern lands used overcome all linguistic, cultural and communication barriers by RAISING THEIR VOICES AND SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY at the natives. LB Haringey should revive this tried and tested method to convey their message around Harringay and Green Lanes.

While wearing pith helmets?

Indeed. LBH has been taking the pith out of us for decades.

Shops and 'take out' areas of cafes and restaurants which are crowded in these ways as you all describe and not following rules all allowed to carry regardless. Yet  local pubs and the Langham social club which were doing their best to follow the rules, do the distancing, masks and table service etc. all closed. And will remain so. The contradictions abound. I despair. 

Was in Music & Beans today. Two blokes just breeze in, no masks nor were they asked to wear one. 
Won’t be going back. 

Tbh I think it’s probably pretty much the same everywhere. Unfortunately staff everywhere get so much abuse asking people to wear masks, that they don’t. Yes I think shops are the worst places. Personally I do one big shop every 10days, whizzing in and out. Or get friends to pick stuff up for me, when they go

but yes so many idiots around. I just came back from the osteopath/ massage. Tiny waiting room, a young fella sitting there when I came through to put my shoes on. I advised him politely that he had forgotten his mask(there is a massive sign on door right in front of him) he pointed to his motorbike helmet in his hands, saying he had that so didn’t need one. FFS. What is wrong with people. I did tell him, I was a nurse, and It was really important to put a mask on. Don’t get me started... But I do try to tell myself, no good wasting energy worrying about what others do. and mask or no mask, social distance as much as able. I frequently ask people to move out of my way

i think so many people are just so fed up, and with lockdown, shopping is pretty much the only thing they have left to do.

While I sympathise with this and congratulate you on tackling a non-mask-wearer, I do wonder why your osteopathy practice isn’t enforcing the rules itself; as they’re health providers you might expect them to set an example. The practice I go to (not in Harringay) insists patients wait outside until appointment time, take your temperature on admission and insist on masks and hand sanitiser use; they’ve probably had to reduce patient numbers to allow for more cleaning time between appointments, but the rest seems basic and straightforward.

I can see why shop staff are too scared to say anything but I think the bigger shops need to get tougher, employ security to enforce it if necessary. The supermarkets and chains can certainly afford to do this and should crack down now. And like Don says a health practice should be enforcing mask wearing just to set an example if nothing else

Probably replicated at many places along Green Lanes. I've never seen any enforcement. 

It's been the same situation all along, since March. If things weren't enforced then, they aren't going to be now. Best to avoid the 'hot spots', as you say. 

I saw the Fox Tweet you mentioned.  He found no irony in stating that the NHS couldn’t cope at the same time as boasting about a large gathering he held, which will no doubt put even more pressure on the health system.

I too am concerned about the seeming lack of enforcement by Haringey.  A friend was visiting a health clinic in Tottenham last week and said that nail bars, hairdressers and so on on the High Road were open and full of customers.  In contrast I was in Hackney at the same time and high vis enforcement was out everywhere.

Yes - who is doing the enforcement in Hackney? I was told two weeks ago that Haringey was recruiting these marshalls, who would then (great timing!!) start work this week, ie when lockdown has ended, though there's still plenty of enforcement needed.



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