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Thanks to John Mc for the heads up that the Shelton Hotel is for sale. Even if we assume that the freehold for the garage behind it comes with the hotel, does that £7.5M figure stack up, (I ask in all ignorance)? PS: What occasioned the comment was a new picture I added of the building its former guise as the Railway Hotel / Public House.

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And to think Labour-run Haringey sold Apex House in Seven Sisters to Grainger PLC for little over £3m....


Even prices on the ladder doubled since then.

The land is worth that if you can demolish it and build a tower. Just imagine how much the Victorian house we mostly occupy devalues the land it sits upon in Harringay. If ever you sell, see if you can demolish first.

A tower yes, but given that it’s right on top of existing housing I doubt they’d get more than five stories. So do the maths - what four flats per floor if they include the garage space, five floors. Does that sound about right?

20 2- bed flats.... £10,000,000 after building costs. I wonder if it's the same guy that owned La Vina?

Didn't stop Haringey permitting the Hampden Road development.  Not in Harringay but my aunt and uncle saw a 14 storey building go up 5 meters from the end of their little back graden so anything is possible.  

What they did on Hampden was tricky to say the least, but the fact that the site isn’t right next to low rise terraces is, I think,  what enabled them to get away with it - along with a series of half-truths. 

Thanks for posting this. Will need to keep our eyes on this as it progresses.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward. 

Glad the hotel is going -- it always looked really dodgy! It might be wishful thinking but hopefully whatever takes its place will be an improvement. £7.5 million seems laughable though!

Would it be too much to hope for that the building could return to its original purpose and become a decent local pub for South Harringay and the adjoining end of Stroud Green (it would be the only one on Wightman Road as compared to the three on the parallel section of Green Lanes)? 

At £7.5m I can't see a pub buying it.  Maybe some form of retail on the ground floor if it’s demolished and redeveloped though?

Now that La Vina has gone it would be good to have a nice restaurant like that --- not another Turkish one!



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