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Many will be aware that Shaun Bailey is the conservative candidate for Mayor.

He has made a number of statements that could at the very least be described as controversial.

He repeatedly cites his '20 years as a youth worker' which gives him some credibility, despite his right wing views. My internet search reveals a few years with My Generation youth charity which he helped found. However it was shut down after a few years with the Charity Commission questioning its funding.

So apart from helping to run a dodgy charity I'm unable to find any clear evidence of his youth work! If anyone can fill in the gaps I'd be obliged.

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You wan do a hatchit job on a black man doing good things

No help for you mister philip

I must say I agree with you SoTo.

Philip, the fact that you appear to be looking for evidence to justify your obvious dislike for the man speaks volumes. Prejudice will win you few friends. 

I'm asking for evidence of his contribution to society which he boasts about repeatedly. If he has done so I'll be quite happy! Please do list his good works! My point is that I couldn't find that information apart from what I've said.

This claim adds up - perhaps try some other avenue to criticise him and his policies I'd suggest.

1) Edited extract from his entry at the Operation Black Vote site:
"Two months have passed since Bailey, 35, was selected to be a Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith ... For the past six years Bailey has worked as a youth worker, presently working for an organisation in West London."

2) Wikipedia: "Following selection as Conservative PPC for Hammersmith in 2007, Bailey and his immediate family..."

Doing the maths, that places the start of his youth work in 2001.

3) And:
"When Bailey was twelve years old, his mother sent him to join the Army Cadet Force in White City. When he was about nineteen years old, he became a Sergeant-Instructor and stayed in the Cadets for another ten years."  That to me also counts as youth work.

That said, he certainly can mislead: see https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/18831961.watford-met-station...  in which he claimed that Watford tube station is under threat of closure. It's not. Nor is it even in Greater London. And searching 'Shaun Bailey fake news' leads to reports from neutral journalistic sources about the misuse of the City Hall logo and so on.

It's these good things I would to find out about! If you tell me about them I'll be happy! I'd much rather find that he really has contributed a great deal than not!

Are you accusing me of racism just because I'm questioning the CV of a politician who's black? If you think someone is above investigation because of their race, doesn't that make YOU racist?

most bame people would agree that being from a minority ethnic group shouldn't be a free pass. it sounds like philip is checking the credentials of someone who's standing for public office. that's fair. there's no hint of racism in what philip has said. why the knee-jerk reaction to race? you need to apologise and back off .

Why did you reply then?

Bailey's doing a good enough job giving himself a bad reputation, with his crass statements and false claims. He doesn't need anyone else's hatchet job, and the questioner (Philip) didn't mention Bailey's race at all. Bailey has denigrated black people, poor people, working class people with ingorant, right wing statements we'd expect from the more born with silver spoon Tories like Rees Mogg and Johnson. His colour's not in question, his politics,  attitude, condescension and his suitability to be mayor are.

Good things? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Takes breath... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Look at his Wiki entry - as well as the charity work you cite, in 2010 he became a special advisor to David Cameron on youth and crime. I imagine he's including that as his youth work, which seems justifiable.

What exactly has Cameron done for youth? 



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