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Through the course of the silly matter of the lethal broken bollard on Hampden Road by Hornsey Station, I learned that there's a Brexit Agreement style standoff between Haringey Council and Network Rail over the road.

The history of this stretch of Hampden Road has left it in the ownership of Network Rail. But over recent years there's been a disagreement over who's responsible for maintaining the road and for enforcing regulations on it.

As a result, the most we could get the Council to do with the broken bollard was to cut off a piece of steel rod dangerously sticking into the roadway. Network Rail wouldn't lift a finger. They were happy for the danger to remain as long as they didn't have to back down in their tiff with Haringey.

Also because of this stand-off, the road provides a perfect free-parking space with restrictions unenforced by with the Council or Network Rail, despite the double yellow lines.

There can be no doubt that the availability of this free parking encourages car use and attracts traffic to the Ladder. Wood Green shoppers perhaps?

Surely, in this time when unnecessary car use is being discouraged, sorting out this Barnier-Frost style face-off provides an easy win. 

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When Thames Water need to clear the accumulated flotsam that is hoicked out of the river at the entrance to the Harringay tunnel, they send a large grabber lorry that has to enter through the gate onto the river bank on the very stretch of Hampden Road that you are discussing.  Drivers have told me that they often find it impossible to turn through the gate because of obstruction by parked cars.  This delays the work of clearance and causes the lorry to return several times before succeeding in entry.  I haven't heard of a lorry being trapped on the river by parked cars but that may well be next - and could cause Thames Water to add their twopennorth to this subject.

That's an interesting angle!

Cllr Seema Chandawani has said that she'll get on to this issue this week. She's normally pretty good at getting things done. So, touch wood...

Hugh. Was this today ( Sunday ) or yesterday ?

Why do you ask?

I think it's more likely to be worshippers at the Mosque than Wood Green shoppers. 

It was today. But perhaps I shouldn't have speculated on where the car owners were going. 

Worth getting Parking Enforcement to check if there is a Valid Traffic order for Hampden Road.

If there is it should be Enforced. Unless they have been requested Not to Enforce. Similar to issues of Enforcing Parking restrictions around Schools. Even when they have Valid traffic Orders

There is none because Haringey has not adopted the road.

Unlikely to be the Mosque if it was today, unless there was a special event. Another possibility is the Gospel Centre across the road, or even the Greek Church, as today was All Saints Day.

This road has come up from time to time and the agreement seemed to be that from Wightman to the bridge was Council responsibility and bridge to the station steps was railtrack

I had a to and fro on this with the Deputy Leader of the Council on Twitter this evening. See also the thread I linked to in the first sentence of my post above.

There is apparently no agreement. No one will take on the  responsibility of the road and river bridge because of the significant cost implications.

John D, I believe your namesake John in the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse computed the Saints at 144,000, or 12,000 from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel. That's the reading in my Catholic Missal for yesterday. If they all turned up at the Gospel Centre, St John's Greek Church, the Ghost of the Old Synagogue and the Mosque yesterday, that would account for Hampden Road's slight parking problem. Lucky they left all their mules and camels at home - though, if they'd brought them, that might have had a welcome spin-off for avid gardeners such as Dick Harris.

I seem to recall reading that the new flats (119 of them) between the river and the railway were built with very few onsite parking spaces. I don't know whether the council have been handing out resident parking permits to the occupants but I dare say that they are aware that leaving your car on a double yellow is not a problem.



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