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OK, for the life of me I cannot seem to find any Seville oranges for marmalade making. Anyone got some thoughts as to where to get some form locally?

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Havent seen any for years - gave up and use mamade. Made with less sugar rhan recipe recommends its very nice

Apparently that shop at the bottom of Swain's Lane had some a fortnight ago.  You are very late!

A neighbour got some from Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago by mistake (we took them and made orange curd as neither of us like marmalade), so they must have them - not sure if it was in-store or online though.

You may be too late now, but the greengrocers in Crouch End always have them, as does that greengrocer just south of Newington Green. 

Thanks guys. I keep looking, and have even been twice into Crouch End but no luck... I might have to get some from the grocer on Middle Lane who I am told can order some.

Waitrose online is claiming to have them - perhaps the Holloway Road store would?

Rhubarb is being elusive too (the early thin forced kind)

Sometimes called Kitromilo/a oranges in Green Lanes greengrocers 

Ocado is still selling them

Don't know whether they still have them but i bought si=eville oranges from Sainsbury's a month ago - limited season and made ', if i may say. some excellent marmalade + a little whiskey!

Broadway Fruiterers next to Walter Purkis in Crouch End had some last week - it's getting a bit late for Sevilles - the Clocktower Fruiterers should also have some...

Thanks everyone- proper 1st World problem, I know. I will bae taking a deliberate walk up Stoke Newington Church Street later today, I will see if I can get some in one of the grocers there. If not a panic Ocado shop might be in order if I struggle elsewhere. I currently have a friend in Spain, actually near Seville, but I am honestly not sure if they are a Spanish thing...

The greengrocer next to Boots in Crouch End has had them, as usual, since the first days of January, which reminds me ...



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