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Just checking Selale for a takeaway. Think the paper menu we have is about 2 years old. Happened to look at their online menu as well. Had no idea their prices had gone up 20/25 % ! No idea why.

Used to be well under a tenner for most dishes. Now around £11-£15. 

Are there any reasonably priced kebab restaurants left on Green Lanes?

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We went to Gokyuzu tonight... I’m shocked by the increase in prices. Selale all the way. 


Really depends on the meals you choose as well... as we had lunch for 4 people, but went with the mixed mezze to start...£12.90... the three others had the prawns...£17.50 x 3...and we had two or three beers and a couple of diet cokes... £15... ... and ordered hummus... £4.90...and a mixed shish... £12.90 and BAM £100 lunch! (Plus tip)

£17.50 for prawns doesn't sound like cracking good value to me. Do you get a huge heap of them?

Our family has been trooping into Selale faithfully for the last ten years or more but the prices rises have been hard to swallow. Furthermore, you used to get a good mixture of cold starters gratis including tarama but now it's just a couple of dips (and I can't stand tzatziki personally) so it's far less attractive an option nowadays. And I don't call £15 for a few chunks of lamb with tomato sauce terrific value, even if it is far tastier than the offerings at Gokyuzu.

Well, they're all at it. Here's Devran's menu. The different owners must have got together for a coffee. Tap on pic for juicy prices;

Not a heap... only enough for one person, but boy are they tasty!

Well you sound like one satisfied customer and I ain't gonna argue with that.

Been going to selale for 20years, when it was a little cafe. Still best value around. And if you don't like some of the free starters they give you, I'm sure you can ask and if a regular, they are sure to oblige.

And see best customer service and friendliness. Personally I'm glad they are all adding service charge, and if you tip 10% normally as you should, then you shouldn't notice any difference.

Shame that there are so many mean people around who don't automatically do this unless some bad service. Restaurant staff relie on tips to get by. 

And if it means you can't afford to eat out as much that is also normal. Certainly if you are a family of 4. Then eating out is probably a special occasion every few months or so.

I also keep forgetting and tipping on top.

My only complaint about selale now, is that I preferred it when you could sit outside.

That's a good point re tipping. I normally do but not always for takeaways. Yes, adding the service charge automaticaly does deal with the non-tippers. Maybe people have been doing this less since their meal prices went up. It's a vicious circle because yes, people will go less, hence less income for the restaurant and that includes the others along GLs that have done the same thing. My particular thing here is the 20/25% increase in prices which makes the takeaway option rather more expensive. We'll be using other food options more often. And yes I also like Selale a lot, nice owners and staff.

I was asked by one waiter in a GL restaurant if I would place the tip in his hand as if it was left on the table or added to the bill they would not receive it so goodness knows what happens to a 'service charge'.

Some cafes and restaurants use service charges to subsidies the business others run a 'tronc' system where everyone receives a portion however the cafes sometimes withhold 10% as a charge for servicing the service charge.

This was a phone in on a radio station recently a lot of waiters/waitresses called in stating that since businesses have added service charge there not getting tips like they use to as it all goes through the till. Also why would I want to leave 10% etc if i have recieved bad service or havent had service with a smile, it should be up to the individual if they choose to leave a tip and how much.



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