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After another wonderful episode of neighbours getting together, I'm delighted to be able to report that the 'Harringay Consortium' has won the Harringay House plan in a hard fought ebay auction.

21 neighbours contributed £10 or more to enable the group to clinch the 4ft 6ins long plan at an incredible £410. The group now plan to take copies for their personal use and donate the original to Bruce Castle Museum. Copies will also be made available for sale to non-consortium members if anyone is interested.

A copy will put on display locally, probably as part of the Outer London Fund Green Lanes refurb consultation.

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Not just that Hugh, you've save Haringey Council £409!

This is great news. Thanks so much for organising it.


David Schmitz

Lib Dem Councillor for Harringay Ward

Needs ironing.

Of course, if we really meant business, we'd club up again with serious spondulix to make KFH an offer they couldn't refuse on a 15-year sub-lease for the Coliseum groundfloor. Paul Simon would also be prevailed upon to do their bit. Harringay Park Museum & Gallery would be a more fitting home for this veritable Strabo-cum-Mercator than Bruce Grove.  Or y'd all prefer a betting den?

Someone did point out to me that if every HoL member gave £15.50 per year, we could pay for the lease and rates. 

Why not? I'd chip in

I was thinking about this too... What does Harringay need? It's pretty big, could it be split up? I too would be happy to chip in. 

One of these ?  Venture.  It's a franchise. High turnover, high mark-up, it's all in the presentation.

I bet the guy in Devon that put it on ebay is delighted. He will probably dedicate the rest of his life to searching for Harringay ephemera.

Yes, I was gobsmacked at how much it went for, but at least everyone paid what they wanted to and no one had to stump up any ridiculous amounts. I'd love to know the identity of the other high bidder who was driving the price up from the start of the auction. Why were they willing to pay £400? 

I was thinking the very same thing.  Perhaps he knows something about it that we don't - perhaps it worth far more than we have paid for it!  I do remember reading somewhere that the British Land Company lost a lot of their original plans for the area in a fire or something so perhaps we have got something rarer that we think!

I miss the old e*ay system where the identies of other bidders could be seen - now they are obscured. I've sometimes contacted others re things I missed, eg to ask them for a scan of a card, not been a problem. And it used to be a good timewaster to track people though their purchase history, economists were doing PhDs on it as this is a measure of real economy, the exact price people will pay.

With that system we could ask r***i for their story, and sell them postcards. I note I can now see they have just bought a handbag and earrings. Hmmm.



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