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I am again collecting postage stamps over this festive period to send to Guide Dogs for the Blind along with a big bag I already have ready to go.. So please save your stamps from your mail and cards.

I have put a box in the reception at South Harringay School if that is best for everyone, or you can stick them through my letter box (message me and I will give you my address). If you are not local I can arrange to pick them up in the new year. What ever works best for you all.


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Brilliant! I'll drop off a few at the end of Dec

I too am collecting stamps, this time for disability dogs. At the moment it's just word of mouth but I'm intending to put a box in the Faltering Fullback by Stroud Green school (given permission which I don't think will be a problem.)

You need to leave 1cm of paper around each stamp.

Sure I have a few plastic bags of used Stamps

Please confirm address for delivery in New year

The pub will take them in for me when I'm not there. It's at 19 Perth Rd, N4 3HB.

Bob. I have set a box up in the reception at South Harringay school, on the passage in between Pemberton and Warham Roads. You can drop them in at any time, as is convenient.

Hi Justin, I have a small bag of stamps:  is your collection box still at South Harringay School?  Thanks, Sarah

Hi there, yes, it should be- if not I will message my address as I am on Pemberton just in case.

Can I wait until the end of this month, after my son's birthday, because I'm sure we'll have more then?

Sure. I think it will be there for a few weeks.

Thanks.  Look forward to receiving your message (although not sure how this works!)

I have just sent you (and Samantha) a connection request with my address in. You should write it down before you hit accept as you will not see the message again- if you don't catch it, you can message me and I can resend. 

The box for collection still at South Harringay School??



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