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Taken from Crouch End forums but has implications for this side of the tracks too. Is also possible to mention problems with walking to places and rat running traffic too so it's not just for cyclists. This seems to be mainly aimed at temporary fixes in the current situation but allows to add to suggestions that it should be made permanent.

Safer update! In a nutshell: Haringey say they’re working on it - but now we need to fill in their new online map so they can see the demand for change...

It’s been amazing seeing so many people locally calling for safer cycling over the past few weeks. I’ve been sending every message calling for change to the relevant councillors so they know the strength of feeling.

The great news is Haringey appears to have listened and say they are working on a series of cycle routes and low traffic neighbourhoods. Low traffic neighbourhoods are vital and really cheap to do - by closing one end of a residential road you can filter out the rat running traffic while allowing bikes and pedestrians through and still allowing residents, visitors and the emergency services full access to the street from the end that’s left open.

It is, however, unclear to what extent the Crouch End area is part of their plans.

This means it is absolutely crucial as many of us as possible visit the newly launched map and tell them where we want safer cycling locally.

The map is at: https://haringeystreetspaces.commonplace.is/ If there’s somewhere that you'd like to see made safer, tell them.

And please, look at what others have suggested and like as many suggestions as you agree with - the most important thing is they can see plenty of demand for change.

Thank you.

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I see that this is part of the wider Streetspace initiative. But, I suspect that the work that has gone into the low traffic neighbourhoods document is work that was ongoing and has been co-opted for post-lockdown use. No argument with that: it makes sense.

Either way, I stand by what I wrote above. This study shows the areas where low traffic neighbourhoods are needed, not, as I understand it, just where they're needed post-lockdown. So, to whatever particular ends this document has been bent, it provides a statistical basis for the criticism of Haringey's earlier decision. 

Though Crouch End was developed under another scheme - do we know that that is what the council is putting in for the Covid money? It would be good to know what they have asked for....

It's worth noting that the TfL map also makes it very clear that there are lots of other areas in the East of the borough which need action - including e.g. St Ann's

It doesn’t matter where any particular funds are coming from. The issue is the same. Some areas have greater need of it than others.

Yes, there are a number of areas with dark green. Thank you for highlighting that. My comments addressed all areas of greater need and not just the Harringay Ladder, but perhaps I didn’t spell it out clearly enough. 

And the accumulating data from that exercise: 


makes it as clear a day where the problems are in Haringey. Straight down the middle - Wightman Rd and Green Lanes. 

Thanks Ant. Here’s the full document. And the accompanying low traffic neighbourhood guidance. 

Here's another interesting graphic from the TfL document, looking at levels of through-traffic, page 10 of http://content.tfl.gov.uk/lsp-app-six-b-strategic-neighbourhoods-an... 

Dark red means 'Very high' = at least 500 vehicles/hour on one road.

And here is pedestrian and cyclist accidents - red is worse, then dark blue:



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