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Does anyone know of a running group around ladder/turnpike lane area?

If not does anyone fancy forming one?

Normally go for 3/4 mile runs at 8pm on weeknights - hard to get motivated by yourself!

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I'd be up for this some nights Adam, but am a crap runer!

The Heathside Club have a run from the YMCA at 730pm Tuesdays and Club runs on Sundays. You'd have to join up eventually but its very good value. The Tuesday runs head up to Highgate Wood for interval or speed training and then back to the YMCA. They cater for different standards.

Synergy are just across Hornsey Station opposite the police station.

Google Finsbury Parkrun, 9am every Saturday morning..like minded people.

I would second the recommendation for Finsbury Parkrun also.  

Thanks for advice - i keep meaning to go ally pally/finsbury parkruns but young daughter normally gets in the way!

Will look at Synergy - thanks John - 7:30 is a bit early for me!

Parkrun is great - we take the kids for a play in the park and cheering on duties while one of us runs, been doing it for years. Followed by breakfast in the cafe!



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