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Hi there,

I live near Seven Sisters Road/St Ann's Road right above the Victoria Line. Recently I have noticed a rumbling, vibrating noise coming from below. The intervals suggest it is the tube trains from the Victoria line and it also matches up with the online tube map.

It is driving me insane. In 4 years I have never experienced this and it came out of nowhere. It starts at around 5.30am (also weekends!) and doesn't finish until midnight. I actually had to remove some of the side panels on my bed room radiator as it was making too much noise!

Has anyone experienced the same in the local area? I have already reported it to TfL and also Harringey Council and am considering further action.


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Thanks Alfred, I've logged this with TFL. Apparently I should get some sort of response within 10 days. They mentioned that someone else in the building had called up to log this yesterday too so assume this was your or someone else. 

This is quite coincidental but we've been experiencing a really strange noise (Harringay Rd - over the Piccadilly Line) around 01:30-02:00 every morning... at first we thought it was people running their washing machine spin cycle - we have a lot of neighbours who wash at strange house of the night.

But it's been waking us up most nights now and the noise is really hard to decipher... it almost sounds like a helicopter and it's not coming from upstairs or either neighbour.

We're now thinking it might be something happening on the Piccadilly line... anyone else above the line noticing this?

Well if it   doesn't   happen on Friday and Saturday nights (the Night Tube nights, that is) then that would suggest track works Sun - Thu nights outside operating hours, or work on the ventilation shaft by Colina Rd/Green Lanes.

That's what we were thinking... some form of maintenance. But for it to be happening every night over and over seems odd. It's quite a hard noise to sleep through so hoping it will stop soon. I will try contacting TFL to see if they know anything.

I live at Finsbury Park and I have noticed since summer that I can now hear the tubes, wondering if it is anything to do with the station upgrade

I wonder if it's possible that the subsoil has dried out during the long, hot Summer and now transmits, rather than absorbs, the train vibrations ?

Hi Alfred,

I live nearby and think the tube noise has got a lot worse over the past year. I was wondering if you or other residents had got anywhere with raising the issue since you started this thread? And if not, maybe it is time for us all to have another go? Thanks, 


Hi Joe,

I am so sorry to hear that. If you could email me your details on schnauzerminelli@hotmail.com I can forward you all the correspondence we have had so far with TfL and Joanne McCartney AM so far and keep you in the loop. I'd also be interested where about you live so that we can track this down.

Sadly, we received an email at the beginning of lockdown to say that any mitigation measures have been put to a halt due to social distancing etc...

However, the more we are the better. As soon as we emailed the above mentioned in bulk, they listened and responded.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Thanks for the swift reply, Alfred. I'm on Culvert Road. I'll send you an email now. Best, Joe



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