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The trial projects include:

  • In Bushy Park, restricting all through traffic with a partial road closure between Teddington and Hampton Court Gates
  • In St James’s and Green Parks, closing the Mall and Constitution Hill to traffic on Saturdays, in addition to the regular Sunday closures
  • In Greenwich Park, a full-time closure of the Avenue to cut through vehicle traffic
  • In Hyde Park, trial closures of North Carriage Drive permanently, and South Carriage Drive on Saturdays, in addition to the regular Sunday closures
  • In Richmond Park, reducing cut through motor vehicles 

It's always a bit of a mystery to me why cars are permitted in parks in the first place.

Let's hope these trials are successful and the movement spreads to other parks..cough.. Finsbury Park...cough..

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Hi Liz,

I´m relatively new in the area, but even before lockdown, I don´t remember seeing many cars in Finsbury park (agree that only one is one too many). What was the ruling before the outbreak? Was their access limited to the white bit in the map I´ve attached?

Thank you,



Finsbury Park allows access and parking to cars through the Hornsey Gate and at busy times the park can get very congested. 

These photos from Twitter taken by a forum member (I'm sure he won't mind me sharing them) give you some idea of what it is like. In the third photo these drivers are illegally parked as far as I know but there is no one to enforce that. Once you allow drivers into a place they will always make more room for themselves.

In this one a landrover has parked on the grass

These are just normal sunny days. Not festivals or special events. Just people driving to the park. 

That´s a horrible view and one hopefully I won´t ever see. 

Hi again Liz. I've been thinking about this and wondered if we could do something ourselves to get the council to consider enforcing a car ban in Finsbury Park. Have you heard of any campaign being done in the past, or whether there's any particular group or counselor who has pushed for this? 

I would think Friends of Finsbury Park would be a good place to start?


I may be wrong but I think Tris who has added an answer below may be a member? (Apologies Tris if I have that wrong)

Yeh, we gotta lean on Haringey to find alternative parking - sadly the current alternative is parking on the surrounding roads and causing clogging there, so I don't know what the solution would be

I'm not sure what the possibilities are. But I believe parks should be for people, given that cities already have given up to motorists and outdoors areas for people's enjoyment have become more and more precious.

I'm aware cars fulfill the needs of some people, and parking in London is a struggle for them, but I think lines must be drawn and green areas like Finsbury Park should be car-free.

Is any parking needed beyond some provision for disabled users? Does Priory Park have any parking? Does Clissold Park? Waterlow Park? etc etc

I understand that there should be exceptions to the rule, people with disabilities or limited mobility being the first one. But other than them and, as you say, businesses requiring vehicle access (which I can't imagine them been so many), I would see the ban of cars as a good move forward. 

I should think Blue Badge Holders Only would be a reasonable compromise?

I would say so, along with park workers. It's a fair approach and it would reduce the impact of cars to the bare minimum. 

I have limited mobility Tris. I need to walk with a stick and I need regular rests when I walk. I can get on a bus though so I don't consider myself to be disabled. 

If I were *more* limited then I would apply to have a blue badge which widened its scheme considerably to include people with "hidden disabilities" including mental health problems. I think its open for discussion but as a starting point, yes, blue badge holders would be prioritised for parking. Do other parks allow for non-blue badge holders with limited mobility? Do you have examples? 



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