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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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I'm still waiting for something which was posted a hundred miles away, in the same batch as something which has already been received in California and Texas.

For anyone attempting to find a home for their complaints, email:

victoria.crook@royalmail.com (Royal Mail - Chairman and Chief Executive Office)

You can complain, but where does it get you?

I know, I know - but might as well do something, or I'd be as bad as Royal Mail (you can send stuff, but where does it get to?).

What I'd really appreciate is at the least a letter from Royal Mail acknowledging the issue and explaining what's being done to rectify it. Then again, they may have sent one to be fair to them.

I live in a flat on Green Lanes.

I left before Christmas and returned today (this was for a trip to see my support bubble because I live by myself, which is still permitted under tier 4).

I was slightly worried that there would be an unwieldy pile of letters, and was hoping to finally see a Christmas card from a close friend of mine. However, there hadn't been any post at all, according to two of my neighbours within the building who I spoke to.

Sounds about right. I saw a postie today taking things out the back of his van and delivering but no post, again. It's been really bad. Royal Mail has failed us miserably. 

You expect things to go on as normal in the midst of a pandemic?

How do you feel about the teaching unions refusing to work?

They are two very different issues.  With schools there is a debate whether it is safe to reopen immediately or if there should be a delay until testing regimes are in place.  As far as I am aware no one is suggesting that mail deliveries should be halted.  There is a specific problem with the North London office that seems to be due to high levels of absence.  RM management have had a couple of months now to look at getting in resources to deal with this and it appears that they have not.

They are different issues - but with the same root cause.

The mail issue is one fixable by hiring more staff because of illness - and at the moment there are an awful lot of people would would want to take up even temporary sorting office work.  The issue with schools is whether opening will cause more illness.  

Working for the post office always seemed to have been a job of last resort for many people because the work is basically boring and unfulfilling, even more so now that face to face contact with the public is limited because of PO high street closures. I am not surprised there is a high rate of absenteeism. I would have expected the PO to have some contingency resources to deal with that, but it appears they haven't.

Received mostly pre-Christmas packages for myself yesterday, followed by letters for my neighbours today (along with a letter to the same property number, but on the part of Green Lanes in N13 which I posted back).



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